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Digital Evidence

Judge Malcolm Simmons

A highly-informative display by way of a talented speaker

High Courtroom Judge

Judge Simmons explained very complex matters inside a crystal clear and concise method

– Barrister, UK

This was an exceptionally interesting presentation by Judge Malcolm Simmons on the usage of technology within the criminal justice system.

Partly 1 of his presentation Malcolm Simmons evaluated current technology within the legal courts. His demonstration considered lessons discovered through the innovators of electronic evidence, creating a process to talk about digital evidence, the usage of digitally saved evidence also it innovations to aid the events in presenting proof.

The second section of his excellent presentation centered on the utilization by police of cellular fingerprint technology. He regarded as the rollout of cellular phone apps and handheld scanners presently utilized by seventeen law enforcement forces. This technologies allows the authorities to check on instantly fingerprints against saved records. This can create a substantial cost saving, possibly removing suspects from law enforcement investigations and easing the responsibility for the forensic science assistance.