PerspectiveI rarely cry. I’m not kidding.  I probably break down in tears 2 or 3 times a year.  I’ve just never been one to cry (probably because I’m an ugly crier). Granted, I avoid sad movies and that horrible Sarah McLachlan commercial with the sad animals, but still. I rarely cry.

As you may know, I’ve had some health issues for about a year and a half and for some reason they continue. I’m not sure if it’s because the universe thinks I can take it, or if this is its way of bitch-slapping me.

It’s probably 50/50.

I take a positive approach to everything and have tried to take this on the chin, but it’s getting kind of difficult. I feel crappy all the time and feel like I’m losing a sense of myself because I’m usually a zombie from the medicines. Lately I’ve felt like if I could cry, I might feel better, but then again, I can’t cry.  (See above.)

So today I was feeling especially miserable so I emailed my husband.  I didn’t want to talk but wanted to touch base with him as we normally do throughout the day. I told him I was frustrated.

And then he sent me the most perfect email that changed everything.  He told me he loved our perfect marriage and our life together, and he told me to watch this.

And just like that, I began to cry. No, I began to wail like a baby.

Every negative thought I had about anything just drifted away. I was laying in bed watching this with Shady Jack at my side staring at me, Max at my feet and Bentley licking my tears away. I thought about how my husband was so thoughtful to say that this song reminded him of me and that he knew I needed this. I needed to cry. I needed to be reminded that things aren’t really that bad.

All of a sudden I realized that my life is amazing. Not because I have a huge house or an enormous diamond (because I don’t).  But because I have so many things that are invaluable to me. My dogs, my sweet niece, and my amazing husband. What else did I need?

I realized that what I really needed wasn’t necessarily to cry, but to gain some perspective. The universe wasn’t bitch-slapping me to be mean–it was bitch-slapping me because I needed it. I needed to focus on what’s really important in life. Somehow I got lost along the way worrying about paying the bills and when I’ll be able to return to work.

Yes, those things matter but they don’t matter as much as the love that surrounds me. That’s the real joy and that’s what life is all about.

My mom always says “The best things in life aren’t things.” I’ve always tried to live by that motto, but it’s good to be reminded of it every now and then.

So take a look around you. Not at what you physically have, but at the love that surrounds you. I bet you take it for granted.  I know I did.  But don’t.

There is nothing more important or precious than those you love, and that should be what gets you through those hard times. It isn’t money to pay the bills or having the newest gadget. It’s who makes you feel good about yourself and who supports you no matter what.

I’m so thankful for the bitch-slap. I needed it. Hopefully this post will bitch-slap you too.


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I’m back, baby! Go ahead, admit it. You missed me and this blog. There’s no shame in admitting it. The only shame is mine for all the embarrassing things I do and the fact I am dumb enough to post it on a site approximately 3 people read.

Either way, I’m back in black! Seriously. Look at the photo. I’m literally wearing black. Look. And while you’re at it, check out the back hair on homeboy next to me. No wonder that guy is sitting in the shade in the pool. He’s practically sporting a winter coat with those luscious locks of wiry hair. You can almost smell the aroma of his Old Spice deodorant wafting through the photo. (Only the Original Scent though.  No Summer’s Breeze scent. He looks old school).

So I’m sorry for being away so long. I know you have been anxiously awaiting my return, mostly because there are only reruns on cable and it’s too cold to go outside and harass the neighborhood kids. I’m back to entertain you with my recent developments. I’m sure you’ve wondered why I haven’t written and I can imagine you all whispering in the “Gossip Girl” narrator’s voice “Where is she? Where has she been?” Well, unlike our favorite anonymous blogger from NYC, there are no secrets I’ll never tell. I have no shame that way. xoxo.

You’re probably wanting answers to the whispered questions posed above. Well I don’t have time to give you a complete update now, as the sun is out and I need to roll over to tan my back. But I can give you a preview of some of my adventures. It’s a teaser of sorts. A tickler. Something to wet your palette other than the Grey Goose you’ve purchased for me for Christmas.

Go ahead and ship that directly to my house.  I will get it when I return to the states.) I’ve been quite busy with several balls in the air. Since I can’t juggle and I try to avoid anything involving balls, I haven’t been able to manage my time efficiently. (Insert perverted joke here about balls.

But I’m back and dedicated to updating you on my regular antics that embarrass my husband and provide him more ammunition for what will inevitably be divorce papers. I know, I know, make with the teasers, right? Fine. Calm down. You’ve waited this long, what’s a few more poorly worded sentences?

Some of the upcoming updates will include my volunteer work with a neighborhood association for a neighborhood where I don’t reside; my smack down with two cats in heat; the day my husband spilled an entire beer on my newly dyed red hair; and the worst story of all…the betrayal of Pajama Jeans (the person, not the jeans, although those have fallen out of favor as well).

So sit back, grab your Chipotle and a glass of Greg Goose, and get excited for the upcoming posts. If we’ve learned anything from White Snake, it’s that you don’t know what you got ’till its gone (and that skin tight jeans never look good on men). I’m pretty sure they wrote that song about missing my blog, but no worries, as I’ve returned.

And don’t act like you won’t have time to read the updates. We all know you’re back at work but you’re not doing anything other than playing on Facebook and trying to beat your high score on Bejeweled. So get ready to feel better about your own life, as my ridiculousness always seems to remind people their lives could be worse. They could be me. You”re welcome. I’m prepared to update you on my recent happenings and embarrassing moments (of which there are several). And isn’t that really the greatest Christmas gift of all?