CuddlyChristmasHopefully by now you’re decorated for the holidays.  Hopefully for you, your neighbors have limited the amount of inflatable snowmen they’ve put on their front lawn.  I didn’t bode so well despite my pleas that nothing really says the holidays quite like no decorations on the outside and listening to Metallica at a reasonable volume.

Again, I didn’t bode well.

We put up a Christmas tree for the holidays, although I’m not sure why since we have approximately 2 square feet of extra space in our house and shoving a fake tree with lights and a sh*t ton of balls on it doesn’t seem like a good use of space.  But I digress.

Every year we put up our tree and I always wonder what our dogs think of it.  However, I’m pretty in tune with my dogs so I asked them what they saw when they looked at our tree and they gave me a pretty accurate description.

Here it is in a graphic, because you love graphics.  And Bentley, Max and Shady Jack say “Happy holidays” to all of you!

What your dog sees when he looks at the (3)




5 Thoughts on “What Your Dog Sees When He Looks At The Christmas Tree

  1. The first year I had my dog, he was wagging his tail a little too close to the tree. One of the glass balls managed to transfer itself from the tree to his tail. Like idiots we watched the sparkly pretty ornament wave back and forth like a metronome. Suddenly he realized it was there and spun around so fast to get that terrifying (to him) object off of his tail. The glass ball flew across the room and is no more, but we all came pretty close to peeing our pants laughing at the dog.
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  2. Hahahaha, yeah. That fresh water is terrible. What’s up with that.

    Good for you guys for getting a real tree. We have this plastic, bendy thing that’s just atrocious, but I love it still. Sort of like my lab, Jojo.
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  3. Ha, ha… I want a dog!!

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