Why you shouldn't watch theEveryone is all a titter about the many “50 Shades of Grey” trailers and teasers.  People are getting their panties in a wad, and then promptly throwing them on the floor.

The trailers are intended to make us salivate for the new movie, but all some of them do do is remind us why we hate car commercials and bad song remakes.

Click here to see it.  Think twice.  Seriously.

The entire trailer is set to a version of “Wicked Game” that will make you want to poke your eyes out, which is just as good, because then you wouldn’t have to watch the rest of the teaser.

Most of it is varying shots of expensive items like watches and cars.  It looks like a commercial for cheap cologne where the horrible stench actually permeates your screen and punches you in the face.

Come to think of it, you deserve that punch if you continue watching this trailer for more than a minute.

In this specific trailer there are numerous close-up shots of a sports car, which makes you think it’s a car commercial, but then you realize those have more excitement than this trailer brings.

The few shots of the actors are often blurry, which is probably for the best, as they reveal absolutely nothing about the plot.

If I hadn’t subjected myself to reading this poorly written book, I’d have no idea what the movie was about.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why it’s done this way.  I don’t know how else they would convey “This book was pure sh*t” better than making a trailer promoting expensive items and luxury.

With that said, will I go see the movie?  Duh.


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12 Thoughts on “Should You Really Watch This ’50 Shades Of Grey Trailer?’

  1. I was disappointed in the trailer, like bad sex, is that it? Lol only red most of the first book. But once I laid eyes on Jamie Dornan, I was weak in the knees, my new obsession so am I going to see the movie, hell yes <3

  2. Never read the book. Won’t watch the trailer. I’m protesting loudly because I don’t wanna do what the rest of the world is doing… As a writer, I’ve got to stand my ground over poorly written literature that gets turned into movies. Or something like that. 😉
    Sarah Almond just rambled about…Use Your Words: Color Me BAD!My Profile

    • You’re not missing anything by protesting! It’s seriously the most poorly written book ever and it will actually hurt your eyes. I’m so offended SHE got a book deal and then a movie deal. It’s pure crap!

  3. Do you think I wanna read this book and watch the movie? Oh, hell no. Trash is trash. While in college, I worked for two romance writers and a guy who wrote Westerns. The romance writers told me how to set up a romance novel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Why should I write such crap when I can’t even stand to read it??? Why should I play games in REAL LIFE for the purpose of getting laid??? At least the writer who wrote Westerns (he was in his late 70s) told me his books didn’t sell anymore sold because he refused to put sex in them. I guess sex will always sell, but braggarts always have something to hide. Or dream about. As a so-called writer, this woman made her money. Fine. There’s plenty of trash published on a daily basis, and bad writing gets money, too. When you write soft porn, that’s all you’re good for. Personally, I put enough men in cuffs as a peace officer. To hell if some older man or ANY man is gonna put cuffs on me.
    Arlene Poma just rambled about…2014 NHRA Sonoma Nationals, Sonoma RacewayMy Profile

    • Your life is so stinking fascinating! I think all of the romance “novels” are horrible and it’s basically just porn for housewives. No thank you.

      And it always pains me when I think about how much money that woman is getting for pure crap.

  4. I’ll probably wait to see the movie until it is out of theaters. Not sure I could handle all the fangirls/women moaning in the movie theater.
    Kate just rambled about…Lions, tigers and beers… oh my!My Profile

  5. All I head was “read the books, read the books”. Women were going batshit crazy over these books and Christian Grey.
    OK – I broke down one day and bought the first one. Actually downloaded it because I was looking for a classic “easy beach read”
    I could not get thought he first 50 pages of this book.. the absolute, hands down, worst written piece of crap book I have ever attempted to read. The repetitive, high school-ish, rambling thoughts of this young woman was more than I could make myself trudge through. DELETE DELETE DELETE….I saw the S&M/Porn-like trailer, I don’t imagine the movie will be any better.
    Michele just rambled about…All Souls Trilogy ReviewMy Profile

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