Washington RedskinsMike Ditka has been in the news recently for his statements regarding The Washington Redskins.  He believes the team should continue to go by that name despite its trademark being revoked by The United States Trademark and Patent Office.  The Patent office cites the name as disparaging to Native Americans.  Mike Ditka disagrees.

I don’t have a feeling about this decision one way or the other.  I don’t live in Washington and I don’t follow the NFL.

Many Redskins fans, however, will undoubtedly be upset about the ruling.  However, there’s a silver lining in all of this; the Redskins will most likely have to change their uniforms and logo.

Here’s to hoping they don’t choose the ugliest color combinations possible.  Oh wait, they already did that.

Since the Redskins are without a name and mascot, I took it upon myself to come up with a few options.  Hopefully Washington will choose one of these and send me tickets to their opening game.

The Washington Snow Plows:  “We’ll roll over your defense”

photo credit: nolnet via photopin cc

The Washington Trees:  “We’ll never leaf a man unguarded”

photo credit: sachman75 via photopin cc

The George Washingtons:  “We chop down the competition just like a cherry tree”

photo credit: Dunechaser via photopin cc

The Washington Lattes:  “We’re hyped up on caffeine from Starbucks and can go the distance”

photo credit: el patojo via photopin cc

The Washington Fillabusters: “We’ll stall and run out the clock”

photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc

photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc

Washington Nirvana:  “We love all of our fans, but the ones with Teen Spririt are the best.  Wait.  Nevermind.”