How wineries are just like strip clubsMost adults have spent at least one day and/or night of their lives experiencing the debauchery of too much alcohol and too may scantily clad women dancing to bad music.  Oh, and they’ve also been to a strip club too.

Wineries and strip clubs are a lot more similar than we’d care to admit, and not just because both typically result in a marital argument and someone sleeping/passing out on the couch.

Since it’s the season for wineries, and it’s always the season for strip clubs, I thought it would be a perfect time to point out the ways wineries are exactly like strip clubs.  Exactly.

1. Everyone ends up dancing to hair bands from the 80s

From Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” to Erasure’s “Respect,” you’ll rock out to jams from the best decade ever.

2. Bad decisions are made at both places.

One involves an entire block of cheese and the other involves blocking out the memory of that one less-than-attractive dancer.

Reason #3 for why wineries are like (1)3. Someone ends up showing their ass…or boobs…or both.

This is not specific just to women. People at both places tend to be equal opportunity flashers.

4. You leave both with regrets.

…and with something sticky on your hands.

5. Neither have enough restrooms.

…which is why someone always ends up “watering the bushes.”

6. Both places have bottle service

One just costs a little more and comes with a lap dance.

7. You don’t want to be barefoot at either place, but you always end up that way.

It’s a phenomenon no one can explain.

8. The ride to and from the location is always hazy.

This is probably for the best because both are off the beaten path.

9. Someone always leaves in tears.

It’s usually a woman.

Reason # 10 wineries are like strip10. There’s a constant danger of stepping in vomit.

The only difference is the strip club vomit has remnants of the day-old buffet.

11. You end up spending much more than you intend to.

It always seems like a good idea to buy an entire case of wine because you might “need it later.”  You also typically feel bad for the previously mentioned ugly stripper, so you do your best to fund her college education via tips.

12. You’d prefer to forget what transpired there, and you usually do.

Alcohol is a beautiful thing because it makes you do stupid things and then makes you forget said stupid things. It’s why it’s so wonderful.

Now, get to planning your day trip to the wineries followed by your night trip to the strip club.  It’s family fun for everyone and you’ll barely notice you’re in a different place.



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13 Thoughts on “How Wineries Are Just Like Strip Clubs

  1. Well… now I just feel dirty.

    And I want wine.
    Emelie just rambled about…Because this is my life now.My Profile

  2. Totally see more skin and “parts” I wish would keep covered up. They need to start using a fog machine at the wineries. That would really class it up, huh?
    Stacey just rambled about…Prenatal Chiropractor Speeds up Labor and Reduces Painful LaborMy Profile

  3. Bwahaha. I love this! I’ve never been to a strip club (and I live in Vegas…what the hell?) but I have been to a few wineries. The ones I’ve been to were classy and I didn’t get wasted (I was with my mom after all) but I can certainly see how bad decisions can be made and where things can easily go wrong.
    Kim just rambled about…Hold My Beer. I’m Gonna Try to Be Funny.My Profile

    • Wineries are the worst for me! I get so drunk and don’t remember crap! Several years ago I went to several and the next morning I got a text from a number I didn’t know. I asked who it was and she said “We met at the winery yesterday and you said we would be besites. You gave me your number.”

      It totally sounded like something I would say so we became friends! I still have no memory of that happening.

  4. You have just changed my view on wineries forever. 🙂

  5. Man, oh man. There’s some truth to all that.

    And yes. As ashamed as I am to admit…I’ve been to both. One I’m more ashamed of than the other.

    You decide which.

    #10? Awesome. =)
    Carrie just rambled about…Think you’re gonna be necking at my house? Think again, Mr.-I’m-So-Perfect-at-Being-Perfect.My Profile

  6. Love this. I’m such a loser. I’ve never been to a strip club or winery. I like wine though and stripping? Maybe. Goora get on that.
    Jenny just rambled about…Wake Up CallMy Profile

  7. Wow, never thought of that. Never been to a strip club but now that i know what’s going on there, i’ll stick to drinking my favorite wine at home.

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