file3971278615540It’s Father’s Day, a day to celebrate baby-daddies everywhere.  Personally, I’m not sure why they get an entire day dedicated to them.  If you ask me, their father’s day already happened the night they got their groove on in the back of a Prius.

Either way, the day is here and dads everywhere are spending their day grilling for their families and downing a beer or two.  Although some dads may not be the greatest role models <cough….Kayne West>, many dads are great influences on their kids and deserve this special day and the new tie they don’t want.

However, there are some great dads who don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Some of them go unappreciated and without accolades.  That changes today.  Help me raise a beer to these deserving dads!

Here are a few of the dads I think deserve a shout out along with the reasons why.

photo credit: jDevaun via photopin <a

photo credit: jDevaun via photopin <a

Walter White

Because no one looks better in a hat than he does.

Anthony Weiner

He’s so proud to be a dad he texts pictures of his baby-maker to unsuspecting women.

photo credit: DonkeyHotey via photopin cc

photo credit: DonkeyHotey via photopin cc

George Washington

He’s the father of our entire fricking nation…and he had to wear a powdered wig to make it happen.

Al Bundy

Because works so hard to provide for the family he hates.

out of this world

Didn’t you love this show?

Troy from “Out of this World”

Even though he couldn’t be with Evie in person, he was a great long distance dad, despite the hefty phone charges.

Puff Daddy

Because his name actually has daddy in it.

Ryan Gosling

He may not be a dad yet, but he’s the future father of our love children (as soon as that restraining order is lifted).

photo credit: gdcgraphics via photopin cc

\ photo credit: gdcgraphics via photopin ccm


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