Signs it's time to clean your houseI recently fired our cleaning service.  I know, I’m impressed with myself too.  Who knew I would ever have a cleaning service?

When I was younger I WAS the cleaning service, which is all the more reason I never thought I would hire a cleaning service.

Either way, I decided to let them go.  I found myself cleaning up after them, which defeats the purpose entirely.  I already clean up after my husband and three dogs, so why throw another entity into the equation?

The problem with firing your cleaning service?  Someone has to do the cleaning.  Despite my wishes, they didn’t continue to come because they like me and my dogs.

In fact, I suspect I was charged extra because of those furry creatures.

Now that I don’t have a weekly service, I’ve started to notice some signs that my house needs to be cleaned.  Because I’m good to you, I thought I’d share with you some of those signs so you can know if you need to get that Roomba out and get your teenagers to cleaning.

  1. You start writing your grocery list on the kitchen table in dust

  2. It’s been so long since you cleaned that you forgot where you keep the products.

  3. You can no longer blame poor visibility out the windows on “just another foggy day”

  4. You’re able to make a snack from crumbs found in the couch cushions.

  5. You can’t remember what color the bathroom grout is supposed be, but you don’t think it’s gray

  6. Even the dog thinks the floor is too dirty to lay on.

  7. You’ve switched to paper plates to avoid emptying the dishwasher

  8. Your children name the dust bunnies and make them pets

If you have any of these signs, you probably need to clean your house.  If not, then you probably need to come to my house and get to cleaning.

Oh, and bring Lemon Pledge.


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25 Thoughts on “Signs You Need to Clean Your House

  1. I don’t have a cleaning service, either. I remember one time at a Passover dinner, my aunt looked up at the dust collecting around the lamp and told me I needed to let my cleaning lady know. I said, “You just her!”

  2. I am never letting my cleaning service go! I still can’t keep it clean even though they come every week. 3 kids and 7 pets…always destruction around here. Plus I am helping the local economy. At least that is what I tell myself. LOL
    Michelle just rambled about…Tangy Sesame Chicken WingsMy Profile

    • You’re a smarter woman than I am for not letting them go! Ours just wasn’t doing that great of a job. Matt and I keep the house clean and I found they were just dusting around stuff. One day a few weeks ago I came home and our beds weren’t made. It was just them getting lazy and I was sick of paying for it.

      Ask me about it again in a week….
      Lisa Newlin just rambled about…Signs You Need to Clean Your HouseMy Profile

  3. Cleaning is for suckers. Let the dogs eat the crumbs, walk around in the kitchen in your socks, seeing outside is overrated. Now, if I could figure out a way to get out of laundry, I’d be set!
    Rhonda just rambled about…One Million Moms Not NeededMy Profile

  4. You mean I have to work full time, deal with a teenager, blog, feed my social media addiction, and clean the house?? Who knew! I am just waiting for a television crew to show up to tape a Fabreze commercial LOL
    Jamie Clark @ Positively Depressed just rambled about…Fighters ForeverMy Profile

    • The good news is that if a tv crew shows up to tape the Fabreeze commercial, your house will at least smell fresh and it will surprise everyone…or at least that’s always how it goes in the commercials I’ve seen.

  5. Just last Sunday, we decided to use paper plates just so we don’t have to wash the dishes after. Great life hack! 🙂
    Jhanis just rambled about…I was SupergirlMy Profile

  6. Once I’m financially able, I am 100% hiring a cleaning service. I used to have one come monthly but cut it out for budget reasons. Plus I had to clean before they came!
    Kate just rambled about…Getting lost in my own backyardMy Profile

    • We had ours every Friday and they were great at first but I could tell they just didn’t really care anymore. My house was the last house every Friday and I think they just wanted to be done with work and go home. I get it, but I also don’t want to pay full price for a half-assed job. The teenager down the street would do a better job and I could pay her half as much!

      Of course, I may not be as thrilled with this decision in a few weeks….we shall see…
      Lisa Newlin just rambled about…Signs You Need to Clean Your HouseMy Profile

  7. Monica on February 5, 2014 at 1:19 pm said:

    I don’t mind cleaning the house. But I do hate cooking dinner.

  8. I let my cleaning lady go one time and had to call her to ask how to turn on my vacuum cleaner….true story.
    Renee just rambled about…Simple Way to Check Your ThyroidMy Profile

  9. You’re a brave woman, Lisa Newlin. I’ve had a cleaning service for less than a year and I’ll never go back to doing it myself. Too little time and too much shit to do. (And I don’t know how to use the central vac.)
    Suzanne Lucas just rambled about…Can I Get You an Ambulance With That Bandage?My Profile

  10. When we had to downscale on the budget, the man-thing I married thought I might get “floors” on my side of the domestic allocation list. So I decided to go all mercenary on his ass.
    He came home one day to the vacuum partially disassembled on the floor, with all his favourite tools (including chain saw) scattered around it. When he looked askance as to why I was destroying the machine that goes whirrrr, I told him I couldn’t find the plug in wire thingie.
    I no longer have floors on my list….
    Wife level: Master.
    Magnolia Ripkin just rambled about…Your Communication Style – A Guide for the ChallengedMy Profile

  11. We have a cleaning service that comes twice a month. The worst part is the clean-up before they arrive. With two young kids, it takes half a day to pick up enough to enable the maids to do their jobs. And within a day of the cleaning, you wouldn’t know they ever came. Kids and pets keep the cleaning industry thriving.
    SmackOfHam just rambled about…Of Lice And MenMy Profile

    • We found ourselves doing the same thing with the cleaning service. We also came to a point where we couldn’t even tell when they came…the day they came.

      However, between me and the dogs, we shed enough hair in a week to make a wig. Seriously.

  12. A cleaning service sounds nice in theory, but I am an obsessive cleaner so no one would ever meet my standards. I would LOVE to have a personal chef. Ahh, one day… :).
    Monica just rambled about…Gallbladder Surgery -Tips and HintsMy Profile

    • You’re right about the cleaning service not meeting your standards. They never met mine. I’m picky. I like everything cleaned….picture frames, door jams, baseboards, light switches. EVERYTHING. If I wanted surface dusting I’d just have my husband do it.

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