This has nothing to do with my post.  I just think this photo is hilarious.

This has nothing to do with my post. I just think this photo is hilarious.

It’s the new year, peeps!  That means it’s time for resolutions.  It also means I write the wrong year on everything for at least the first 2 months.

Whatever.  You take the good with the bad…or at least that’s what The Facts of Life taught us. (It also taught us that Jo was a trouble maker solely because she wore a leather jacket.)

Even though it’s a new year, I’m not making resolutions.  Instead, I’m going to continue writing funny crap all over the web.  (Emphasis on “crap.”)

I have 2 posts you need to check out immediately, but only if you want to laugh.

The first one is a list of phrases to get your husband to do that home project.  These are guaranteed to work.  For reals.


arrows up

The second one is a list of the top 9 things I learned from John Hughes films.  It’s awesome and there’s a photo of Molly Ringwald so you know it’s legit.


arrows up

Enjoy them both and happy new year!  I hope to blog more in 2014, so hopefully I will continue to entertain you for another year.  If not, you can just make fun of me.

Either way, laughter shall ensue!

13 Thoughts on “John Hughes and manipulating husbands. A great start to a new year!

  1. Is that Paul Giamatti, or just an incredible facsimile?
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 just rambled about…Top Headlines of 2014My Profile

  2. Happy New Year! I fully support your “resolution” of continuing to hilariously entertain us.
    Kate just rambled about…Humpday ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Aw, Kate, you’re so sweet. I am honored to say you were one of my top 5 readers last year. I loved seeing that! Thanks for always supporting my blog. I appreciate it so much. Happy new year to you!

  3. No resolutions here either! Happy new year and going to read your nick mom pieces now!
    Emily just rambled about…How My Family Became Netflix AddictsMy Profile

  4. Headed over to check them both out now!
    Dana just rambled about…No way like BroadwayMy Profile

  5. As for #1 on John Hughes list…back in the 70s that was very possible. That’s what my brother’s told me….lol

  6. My New Year’s Resolution is to stop thinking about, writing about, and being angry about my ex-husband. We’ll see what happens.


    Have I told you how much I adore you lately? 🙂
    Monica just rambled about…Mean People SuckMy Profile

  7. “Don’t worry, I’ll do it” NEVER WORKS FOR ME. Teach me your ways.

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