One of the dogs I saved...just kidding!  This is my favorite dog at the rescue shelter where I volunteer.  Isn't he perfection?

One of the dogs I saved…just kidding! This is my favorite dog at the rescue shelter where I volunteer. Isn’t he perfection?

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately.  I’ve been busy saving orphans from burning buildings and pushing kittens out of the way of oncoming traffic.

No I haven’t.  I’m allergic to kittens.

Regardless of all the charitable and selfless things I’ve been doing, I’ve been splattered over the internet in other places, even if it’s not this fantastic blog you so adore and check only when you’re on the toilet or in a boring meeting.

I’ll take what I can get. still hasn’t fired me for some strange reason and continues to publish me.  Much like your proclivity to read my posts from the $h*tter, let’s not judge and just accept it for what it is.

Here’s my latest post about the similarities between juice boxes and wine.  Read it and enjoy.  NOTE:  This post is best read while enjoying wine.  Wait, all my posts are best enjoyed that way.


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You should read her site just because she's adorable.

Isn’t she adorable?http://www.menopa

Here’s the other piece that has me splattered all over the internet. It’s the things I’ve learned from Sandra Bullock’s movies…and ironically, one of them is not that they’re also best served with wine.

This is posted at my friend Marcia Doyle’s hilarious page.  I aspire to her awesomeness and her waistline.

Show her some love because she also saves orphans from burning buildings.  She also likes wine.  Isn’t that enough to love her?


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There you have it!  Places you can find me last week on the web.  You can also find me in some unfortunate videos on line as well, but I’ve done my best to bury those.  Don’t judge.  I had to pay for law school somehow…

4 Thoughts on “Sandra Bullock and Wine. My kind of night.

  1. And so my serious girl-crush on you continues. Just ordered your law school VHS movies from eBay, Merry Christmas to my in-laws.

    • Please let your in-laws know the video is of poor quality because the camera guy was stoned most of the time. That also explains why most things in the camera shots have Cheetos stains on them.

      Yeah, that’s what those stains are…

  2. Very cool, Lisa!!! I started getting caught up on your blog and these are the first things I find out. Congrats!!! Loving it all!:)

    • Thanks Tasha! I’m still in shock about these developments this year! It was all so unexpected. Of course, after I started writing this blog I realized I would love to make something of it. My dream would be to write books, although I know the chances of that are basically non-existent.

      The fact that anyone would want me to write for them still blows my mind, let alone that it’s Nickelodeon! Maybe they will come to their senses about this, but until they do, I will gladly submit pieces to them.

      Thanks for reading and supporting my writing. I appreciate it. 🙂

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