license16I despise getting pulled over.  Granted, there’s a special feeling that comes with knowing whatever speeding ticket I get will just be taken care of later.  It’s one of the very few perks of being a lawyer.

Considering I pay far more in the equivalent of student loans each month, I consider it a wash.

Recently, I passed a poor soul who was pulled over for most likely going 1 mile over the speed limit.  While pointing and laughing at him as I drove by, I realized there are probably some license plates that would get you pulled over more than the average driver.

What kind of license plates, you ask?  Here are a few I came up with.

If you’re thinking of getting a vanity license plate, make sure you don’t get one of these, unless you want to be pulled over regularly.  Instead, get something innocuous that’s hard to remember.

That’s what I did.

It works.  Just ask Ryan Gosling.  That poor guy still hasn’t been able to identify me and my stalker-mobile when I’m parked outside his home “keeping an eye on things.”**

**I think you know what I mean by “things.”

license plates

11 Thoughts on “License plates that would definitely get you pulled over

  1. hahaha! those are hysterical! Oh, and I’m so glad you’re keeping an eye on things at Gosling’s house. I’m in my identifiable vehicle “keeping an eye on things” over at Adam Levine’s. See you around the neighborhood.
    Beth Teliho just rambled about…The Apple Don’t Fall Far From The Nut TreeMy Profile

  2. Love these! GNZBLZN is my favorite!
    I heard about one state that systematically searched their DMV records to recall any license plates that alluded to violence, drugs, profanity, etc — even backwards or in different languages. One of the personalized plates they found was COKE DLR so they were all set to recall it, until they realized it was NOT on a Porsche — it was on an 18-wheeler belonging to the local Coca-Cola distributor!

    Who was ALSO a cocaine dealer.

    OK, just kidding about that last line.
    Darcy Perdu (So Then Stories) just rambled about…When the Cure IS What Ails Ya!My Profile

    • I knew states checked license plates for this type of thing but didn’t realize there was a plate that said COKE DLR and it was on a Coca Cola truck. That’s incredibly awesome.

  3. Oh, that’s YOU in the other car?? Man, good thing I found out now… Otherwise, the next time you turned on the ignition sure would have been a bummer…

    Hey, do you want to start carpooling? Gas prices, these days, am I right?
    Emelie just rambled about…Conversations from a zombie wedding.My Profile

  4. Nice… I’ve been thinking about getting a custom plate for a long time. Now you’ve given me some ideas.

    Maybe I should go with something that would keep cops away: PMS BTCH or MENOPOZ
    Suzanne Lucas just rambled about…Bucket List? Pffft! Go for the Garbage Can ListMy Profile

  5. Pretty sure the attorney status could work in your favor too, if you got caught scoping out the celebrities, lol
    Rosey just rambled about…Wordless Wednesday (s’up w/that lil’ doggie?)My Profile

  6. This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to. A lot. Here are some I’d get if I had the courage…

    WHTPWR (“no, officer it actually means ‘white powder'”)
    3M TA3 (for states that require a front bumper plate)
    Brian just rambled about…Repost – The Horror of 70′s Pop MusicMy Profile

  7. THose are hysterical!!! Love the Illinois one!
    mel just rambled about…Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!My Profile

  8. Thank for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey’s! Hope to see you again this week!

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