My husband is a philanthropist!  I know, you probably already figured that out since he’s married to me.

That’s not the only charitable thing he’s done.  He does more!

He recently launched a non-profit group for a film festival.

20130731082359-sham_logo_square__1_Not that kind of “film.”  Why are my readers such pervs? (I love you guys for it.)

The Sham Film Festival is my husband’s non-profit that will take place in April 2014.  The goal of the Sham Film Festival is simple: to bring together a group of talented filmmakers (amateur, professional, student, weekender, whatever) and watch as they mock, spoof and satirize everything from reality TV shows to misleading movie trailers.

Sounds both fun and hilarious, correct?

Well so is this little promo video you should watch about it.   You will laugh and then be compelled to donate.   Even if you don’t laugh, please donate.

After you watch the video, read below to find out what’s in it for you.

What’s in it for you?  It’s tax deductible!  It’s a federally registered 501c(3) non-profit, so you can deduct the donation on your taxes.


This guy really wants you to donate. He will be sad if you don’t. Please don’t let him down. Hasn’t he suffered enough being married to me?

As if that isn’t enough, if you donate $10 or more, you will get a sweet bumper sticker. This is an offer just for you guys, my dear readers.

Yeah, that’s huge.

You don’t have to put it on your bumper.  You can put it up at work or tape it to your boobs and wear it as a t-shirt.  You know what?  If you donate $50 or more, you’ll get a t-shirt.  If you donate more than $50 I will give you something super awesome that’s related.

Mind = blown.

How will I know you donated?  Leave me a note in the comments after you’ve donated or send me an email at  I will double check (not that I think you’re a liar) and then I will get your info and send you your prize!

SIMPLE! So get to watching and get to donating, and get to sharing.  Please feel free to share this post and/or video with everyone you know.

Do it for me.  Do it for Matt.  Do it for ‘Merica!


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