I can't look sexy and coy when I ask you to do something, so I'll let this sassy chick do it for me.  She says "Please."   She also says "I'm hungry." photo credit: Mr.MVP via photopin cc

I can’t look sexy and coy when I ask you to do something, so I’ll let this sassy chick do it for me. She says “Please.”
She also says “I’m hungry.”
photo credit: Mr.MVP via photopin cc

My friend Stacia over at Dried On Milk has encouraged me to participate in the Blogger Idol contest.

Fortunately, Paula Abdul won’t be a judge, so that won’t be a concern.  (I’m not confident she was fully aware she was a judge on American Idol…or that she was on TV…or that she was supposed to speak English coherently).

In order to be considered for the first round of Blogger Idol, I have to submit a post that best represents me and my blog.

Apparently just submitting a sentence that says “I spill things, I’m covered in dog hair and I can’t function without embarrassing myself” isn’t enough to accurately describe me and my blog.

I contend otherwise.

This is where you come in.  I need you to tell me what are your favorite posts of mine over the years that you think best describes my blog and who I am as a person/writer.

Hopefully it will be a post that made you laugh, which is kind of the point of this Blogger Idol contest.

photo credit: K. W. Sanders via photopin cc

This dog has abs of steel!
photo credit: K. W. Sanders via photopin cc

If you choose a sappy post for me to submit, I will kindly remind you that post isn’t from me and you’re obviously reading someone else’s blog.

It’s okay.  I probably wouldn’t read my blog either.

Please give me your thoughts on which posts you think represent me best and are the funniest.

To get you started, here are a few I’ve selected as options.

Yes, I’m holding  your hand through this, but that’s because you probably like holding hands.  I hate it, so let this be yet another treat I’m giving you.

Why Kelly Kapowski and I wouldn’t be friends in high school

A different way to view the swimming suit season

Why Ryan Gosling should break up with Eva Mendes

Where’s Waldo?  Seriously.  Where is he?

My tumultuous relationship with Fro Yo

My break up letter to Auto-Correct

Lisa Newlin’s secrets to a happy marriage

Spelling Bee = E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-I-N-G

Letter to the truck driver who tried to hit on my today

Don't you want to hi-five this guy?  Only if you tell me your favorite post. photo credit: ElDave via photopin cc

Don’t you want to hi-five this guy? Only if you tell me your favorite post.
photo credit: ElDave via photopin cc

Let me know what you guys think.  Put your suggestion in the comments. Email me.  Text me.  Tweet me.  Facebook or Google+ me.  Whichever way works.

Just don’t assault me.  I get stabby when people try to assault me.

The posts I selected above are just a few of my suggestions, but you are free to suggest whichever posts you want.

Just remember they have to be a post I actually wrote, so suggesting posts from The Bloggess isn’t really going to get me anywhere.

Thanks!  You guys are such lambs!

Love Lisa







24 Thoughts on “I need you…no really, I do. Pick your favorite one of my posts!

  1. I like the one about your brother and his nickname, and the one about your mom and her pantry. I will have to go back and search for the correct titles of those blogs. I could keep going her because every one of your blogs a friggin awesome just so you know!!

    • You’re so cute! I totally know each of the posts you’re referring to! Don’t worry about the titles of them. I totally know which ones you’re talking about.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Much love to you.

  2. Well hell. You didn’t offer your fashion week post from earlier this week. Seriously, when you mentioned, “cotton balls dipped in orange juice,” I just about fell out of my chair. So, I’m going to nominate it anyway. My second choice would be the one you offered about the spelling bee. Totally hilarious.
    GK Adams just rambled about…It’s Only TuesdayMy Profile

    • I went with the Where’s Waldo one and my back up was Dear Autocorrect. My husband suggested the “Dear Autocorrect” and he made compelling arguments. The Where’s Waldo one got the most votes by the readers, although I’m beginning to second guess that post as it may not be original enough. Oh well, too late now. We all have less than a 10% shot of getting into the final 12 so I’m not holding my breath. If anything, it was just fun to go back through some of my old posts.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Oh The pressure! I can’t pick just ONE! It’s like a potato chip! I want to pick one, and then what if I pick the wrong one and you don’t make the top 12 and then you hate me and hunt me down and throw ketchup on me or something? It could happen! Soo… I pick… Fro Yo Post! Or maybe… no no I go with Fro Yo! Final answer!
    Debi just rambled about…Classy Ladies… or Drunk HoochiesMy Profile

    • You’re too funny. I also wanted to pick the Fro Yo one but the most votes by the readers was for the Waldo one. But, if anything else, your choice demonstrates to me that you are brilliant, as you liked the same one I did. 🙂

  4. I love them all, but Where’s Waldo has to get my vote.

    I actually know a Waldo. Who name’s their kid Waldo??!
    Doreen@househoneys just rambled about…Cabin Home TourMy Profile

  5. Yeah, the Where’s Waldo gets my vote too. The Keyser Soze remark cracks me up! And I sat down and reread all those you listed above, just so you know. Cuz they are always a good read. You should totally win…..whatever it is. Oh, one more thing. You called that girl, doll, cartoon, whatever thing a ‘sassy chick’. Seriously? (sorry, that’s your line) Sassy? I just don’t see it. Pitiful, sad, anorexic, maybe. But sassy? Hm…………..

  6. I have loved them all (while at work. Whoops). But Ambush is my favorite!

  7. You Lost Your What?!

  8. I like the swimsuit season one myself. But I don’t recall the ones Megan referenced above, I might have to see those as well :).

  9. I am all for Waldo. Not that you really care what I think. I am not even sure if I care what I think…..hmmm at any rate…all this workin’ is completely frying my brain and making me ramble.
    tam just rambled about…Can’t write… life is happeningMy Profile

  10. So much pressure to just pick one! Like choosing which child you love most. Ugh. I love them all, but I do love the swimsuit one. Good luck, my friend, and bring your blanket!
    Carpool Goddess just rambled about…Five Days Without Internet: A Blessing Or A Curse?My Profile

  11. Okay, so after much thinking, laughing, and sleeping on it, I think you should go with your letter to Auto-correct. No matter how many times I read it, I start laughing. It’s just so priceless! And it’s something that almost everyone can relate to!
    Emelie just rambled about…The Guy Was Probably Just Impressed with/Jealous of My Old Lady Impression.My Profile

    • The AutoCorrect post made it as my backup post for my audition! I went with Waldo as it had more posts. Hopefully I get in, although they have 200 entries, so I’m thinking not…

  12. Suzanne Lucas on September 24, 2013 at 11:04 pm said:

    It’s a tough choice, they’re all hilarious. But if I boil it down to the top two, it would be the letter to the truck driver and the swimsuit post.

    So do we get to vote on Blogger Idol?

    • People love that swimsuit post! Thanks for weighing in!

      I’m not sure if people vote on the final 12 or not. I doubt I’ll even make it. There are over 200 entries and only 12 people make it to the top. By my math, that’s about a 5% chance of making it. Not good odds…

      I will be interested to see who makes it though. And if I make it, you will hear about it. Oh, how you will hear about it.

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