photo credit: SplodgusMaximus via photopin cc

photo credit: SplodgusMaximus via photopin cc

Okay, maybe the second part of that title isn’t true in the sense that you’re thinking.  I won’t be on TV for Nickelodeon. The first part of the title is totally true.  Marc Summers should absolutely look out for me. I’ve got a Double Dare I think he will like.

Now back to me.

For some insane reason, I’m now one of the writers for  It’s run by Nickelodeon (obviously) and I am now a contributing writer to them. Cool, huh?

Yes, I know I’m not a mom, but that’s the part that’s so cool.  I’m so good they wanted me even though I’m not a mom.  I’m pretty much in high demand after that video interview with Wendi McLendon-Covey.

None of that about being in high demand is true, but if you believe it, then I should also tell you I weigh 110 pounds and have the singing voice of an angel.

I'm as excited as this guy! photo credit: Vaughan via photopin cc

I’m as excited as this guy!
photo credit: Vaughan via photopin cc

My posts for NickMom will be short and hilarious.  Here’s my first post over there.  Please go to the link below and show NickMom that you love me and that I should eventually take over the network and run all things Nickelodeon.

I can then move on to MTV.  I don’t want to shoot to high at the beginning.

Did you know Nickelodeon is owned by the same company that owns MTV?

Yeah, I totally knew that too.

photo credit: thecreatrus via photopin cc

photo credit: thecreatrus via photopin cc

Seriously though, go to this link and read the list of my 9 suggested ways to answer a telemarketer phone call.  It’s funny and you’ll learn something too. After all, isn’t that what Nickelodeon is all about? (Cue inspirational music and video of a shooting star.)

Don’t make me beg. Check out this link so Nickelodeon doesn’t fire me after one post.  I suspect I’ll mess this gig up on my own.

Note to self:  Don’t cuss on Nickelodeon.  After all, You Can’t Do That On Television.

Yeah, I totally went there.

Now you need to go here.

And seriously Marc Summers.  Watch yourself.


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12 Thoughts on “Look out Marc Summers, I now work for Nickelodeon!

  1. Shut up! That’s awesome and please get me a job kthx.
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 just rambled about…Cosplay and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • I’m sure I’ll be running the network in no time, so when I do, I will be sure to get you a kick ass job where you get paid a bunch but don’t have to do anything.

      Wait…that’s the job I want.

  2. Loved it, gave you high honors!
    Hate these telemarketers. My hubster gets on the phone and talks like a baby, if it’s a male he says (in his best baby voice, you have to hear it) but he says, “da, da?” AND “ma, ma” if it’s a female. It’s so funny and scary at the same time. Hahah!

    Good luck lady!

    Wendy @ effiegirl
    Wendy just rambled about…Blog Stalking Sunday’s, #16!My Profile

    • Hee hee! Your husband sounds like he’s my kind of guy, in a non-cheating kind of way.

      I’m not saying I want to cheat with your husband.

      Crap. I don’t know how to get out of this…;-)

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I always appreciate you and your support of everything I do.

  3. YAY!!! That. Was. Hilarious.
    Stacia just rambled about…Who’s tired?My Profile

  4. Oh I am definitely reading this. I am so rude to them these days. I can’t help it. We’re on the no call list and yet they call day after day, hour after hour…I’ve almost given up answering our home phone because of it. And now they are infiltrating my cell. Sometimes I can’t even muster my meanest voice and I just hang up. I hate that I am such a meanie now, but who wants to be called at 9 pm on a Sunday night or for that matter at dinnertime any night. Ok enough already, I’m going to read it. I’m pretty sure it will make my day.
    Michelle just rambled about…Use Your Influence to Make Money Blogging — with SverveMy Profile

  5. That’s Awesome!!!! Congrats.
    Chasing Joy just rambled about…Have Joy in Homeownership, 4 TipsMy Profile

  6. 1. Congratulations!!! I will have to actually read NickMom now, (and I am a mom).)

    2. You should tooootally have your own show. I would watch the crap out of that Slime, or no slime..
    Joy just rambled about…Blog And Social Media Hop 20My Profile

    • You aren’t the first person to tell me I should have my own show. It would be a total mess, but it would probably be (unintentionally) entertaining.

      Send the execs my way!

      I’ve got several more going up on so standby. The site is actually pretty funny and clever and everything is short so it doesn’t take much time to read.

      Thanks for always supporting me. I appreciate it.

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