most annoying things about grocery shoppingUnfortunately, there are some unpleasant tasks that come with being a woman and grocery shopping is at the top of the list.  It’s accompanied by waxing and listening to your 4th grader practice his recorder for three consecutive hours.

I will never view hot cross buns the same ever again.

Shopping for groceries is one of the worst things on my to-do list, and I always avoid it if possible.  However, my husband is beginning to suspect I may not be allergic to the metal on the shopping carts, so I’ve had to step up my trips to the store.

photo credit: Hindrik S via photopin cc

photo credit: Hindrik S via photopin cc

I know I can’t be alone in my hatred of the grocery store (or “market” for those of you who shop at the fancy establishment that bags your groceries for you.)

Here are a few reasons I despise the grocery store.  Hopefully you can relate.  If not, please buy me a membership to a personal shopper program.  I hate bagging my own groceries.

1.  The picky shopper picking produce.

Who cares if it’s bruised?  Do you know what else is bruised?  My head from hitting it against the wall waiting for you to pick the right peach. You’re not picking a mate for life, you’re picking produce.  Choose some and go.

2.  Shin-bruises from the shopping cart.

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

I hurry through the store attempting to make the torture as short as possible, and in doing so I typically hit my shins on the bottom bar of the shopping cart.  I can only assume that bar is put there for the sole purpose of making my shopping experience even worse.

3.  I turn into the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

I resist the urge to belt out “Feed me, Seymour” as I stockpile 100 calories packs.  You can eat five of those for a nice snack, right?

4.  They frown upon snacking mid-shopping.

photo credit: omgponies2 via photopin cc

photo credit: omgponies2 via photopin cc

If I’m going to shop I need sustenance to get through the trip.  If I’m surrounded by food, why wouldn’t I down a bag of chips and a Diet Coke?  I will (shamefully) place the empty containers on the conveyor belt so I don’t steal anything.  However, I take the judgmental stares for free.

5.  Getting judging looks from the bakery department when I take free samples.

Although I don’t have kids, I don’t think I should be discriminated against by not getting an appropriate amount of free samples.  After all, my muffin top suggests I’ve given birth to at least 3 children.

Who knows?  Maybe they’re in the cart on the other side of the store (preferably with an adult watching them.)

So hand over the cookies.  Would it kill the bakery worker to hook me up with a macadamia nut cookie?

Apparently it would.

There you have it; some of the many reasons I dislike going to the grocery store.  I assume you agree, and we can commiserate together.  If not, please leave your email address and I will send you my grocery list.

37 Thoughts on “The 5 most annoying things about the grocery store

  1. I am a classic number 1 , Im afraid… I take forever picking fruit! I don’t even eat it!

    my biggest hate is people who eat grapes as they shop.. you pay by weight so the price is raised for the rest of us.. gahhhhhhh 🙂

    • YOU ARE A NUMBER 1? I guess that’s better than being a number 2. Hee hee.

      Sorry, I couldn’t pass up a good number 2 joke.

      I also hate when people eat grapes while they shop. Um, that’s stealing. Why are people idiots?

      I will let the produce picking slide with you only because I know you don’t steal the produce. 🙂

      • narelle on November 1, 2013 at 9:15 pm said:

        its not only grapes they eat people think its their right to feed them and their children whole pieces of fruit while they shop and have know idea they should have paid for it BEFORE the eat it at times i think the suppermarkets should weigh shoppers as they enter the store to see how much is eaten on the way around

  2. Amen, sister. But, depending on which area in the produce aisle you are shopping, someone COULD be picking a mate for life. I’m looking at you, zucchini.
    Julie the Wife just rambled about…It’s Whoreticulture Friday! Issue 101My Profile

  3. If you want to borrow one of my kids, they will get that cookie from the bakery for you. And also a slice of cheese from the deli and a small pack of Swedish fish from the seafood department. Seriously – when my kids were little we would go to the grocery store for lunch, and I didn’t have to buy a thing.
    Dana just rambled about…Brave for youMy Profile

  4. My favorite part of grocery shopping is when I am at the deli counter and they let me try the deli meat and cheese they are packaging for me. It’s the little things…
    Kate just rambled about…Thankful for a few thingsMy Profile

  5. #6: bringing the entire family to the grocery store. Mom, dad, uncle, cousin, and all 12 kids. Then clogging up the whole aisle and not moving when people are obviously needing to get by. You have to say “excuse me” like duh! Then they look at you crazy like you inconvenienced them.

    2 questions:

    how do they feed all those people with one cart of groceries? My hundred calorie packs are gone after a few days, and were starving again. Hmm.

    What do they drive, a charter bus? How do 27 people get to the grocery store together, and carry their food home?
    Amy mayen just rambled about…1960′s Challenge/McCalls 6495My Profile

  6. Ha! Love the line — you’re not picking a lifemate — just produce! So true!
    Darcy Perdu just rambled about…Why Criminals LOVE MeMy Profile

  7. I ALWAYS get the cart with the wonky wheel. It is so annoying! What is the deal? And the crowds drive me mental. Move, people.
    TriGirl just rambled about…Is It Reefer Madness?? No, It’s TAPER Madness!!My Profile

    • I didn’t even remember about the wonky wheel, which is crazy because I also ALWAYS get it. It’s not the loud noise so much as it skids to one side and I have to use all my body weight to get it to go the other way.


  8. I remember when the deli would give out free samples for the kids, does not happen these days! I don’t mind grocery shopping really, as long as the kids behave. It usually takes a punnet of strawberries or the end piece of bread out the bag(all paid for at the end, of course) to keep them happy. It getting it out the car and put away that’s the sucky bit 🙂
    Alicia just rambled about…Spring brings…blue #openslatherMy Profile

    • The worst part is not only getting it out of the car, but putting it away!

      That’s why whenever I go to the store, I make my husband do the last part. I remind him that I braved the people so he can brave the cabinets.

      I totally forgot about the deli counter samples. Do you think they’d hook me up with some cheese samples?

    • narelle on November 1, 2013 at 9:03 pm said:

      the reason children arent given free samples like they used to in the deli is alergies

  9. I’m with you on this one! I hate grocery shopping, especially with a toddler. I’m one of those people that open something and put the empty packet on the conveyor, who bloody cares, I’m paying for it aren’t I? I always seem to run the trolley over my shoes and wreck them too. People that block the isles annoy me too and people who aren’t polite or say ‘excuse me’ and instead just reach over you or jump in front of you to get to the shelf.
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy just rambled about…How To Make Brilliant Bubbles #MummyMondaysMy Profile

    • I have no problem eating a candy bar and putting the empty wrapper on the conveyor belt. I have no shame!

      • narelle on November 1, 2013 at 9:10 pm said:

        there are so many people who dump the empty drink cans, chip bags, chocolate wrappers, stone fruit seeds, banana peels and so forth in the isles and on the shelves the shopper who actually buys the empty packaging is a rarity thats why people are giving you strange looks

  10. Love this!! I think free wine samples would be a great idea!!
    ann just rambled about…Something to annoy you and something to make you smileMy Profile

  11. The deli workers at my neighborhood grocery store are very eager to let you sample the various meats and cheeses, so much so when you refuse the slice of turkey thrust into your face they appear hurt and confused.

    Unfortunately I exploited this generosity to the point that they have a picture of me behind the counter that reads “Do not accept checks or give free samples to this man.” Not just the one store, the entire chain.
    Brian just rambled about…Kanye West’s Hidden Twitter WarMy Profile

  12. Word on the #1’s. My apologies to Glen, but it drives me nuts! Sniffing, handling, examination of the produce. It’s gonna rot in your crisper anyway people! And not for nuthin’, but would it kill the deli peeps to hand over a piece of cheese if I don’t have a kid in the cart? Sadly, I am headed to the market today. (They bag my groceries. Sorry, but I’m a bragger, I can’t help myself.) and I will go armed with the knowledge that I am not alone in my hatred of this dreadful task. I raise my Diet Coke to you Lisa!
    Linda Roy – elleroy was here just rambled about…I Don’t Like Mondays #33: Monday Totally…Vites!My Profile

  13. I have to say that I hate grocery shopping too. Especially that picky shopper!
    Michelle Liew just rambled about…Crossing the broken bridgeMy Profile

  14. I hate the grocery store for a bazillion reasons – one of the top…I remember about 3/4 of the way through it that I needed something way back in the beginning. I typically cut my loses and do without cause I am not making it any longer of a trip than I have to.
    The Shitastrophy just rambled about…You Suck at Sucking it InMy Profile

    • OMG! This is one of the reasons I fricking love you so much! You get it. I DO THE SAME THING! I would rather knowingly leave without an item I need than circle back and get it. If I’ve passed that part of the store already, the section is dead to me and I’m not going back.

  15. This post is awesome! I feel the same way about grocery shopping! I had a black and blue mark from a shopping cart being jammed into me! And bruised fruit! LOL! Spot on post!
    mel just rambled about…Why I am Smiling it Forward? #SmilingItForward #adMy Profile

  16. I literally LOL and was nodding my head in agreement to your list! HATE grocery shopping, and yes… I know hate is a harsh word 🙂 Thanks for sharing and linkin up to Sunday FUNday!
    Kristine @the foley fam just rambled about…MacDaddy Make You… {Jump for Joy}My Profile

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I could make you literally LOL! Isn’t it funny how that means laugh out loud but no one uses it that way? I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the grocery store. We must unite!

  17. Grocery shopping. Ugh. No, no and just HEEEEELLLL NO. However, since I’m the one who stays home (sorta since I’m also a student) I get the lovely task of doing most of the grocery shopping. My husband enjoys it and tends to dawdle when he’s with me. I’m more of a “Let’s get the crap we need and get the hell out” type. People piss me off too easily in the grocery store so I just want to get out quickly.
    Kim just rambled about…Small Blogs Need Not ApplyMy Profile

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