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I attended BlogHer again this year, and I was not disappointed.  I learned a lot including the fact Queen Latifah has some rocking biceps and Wendi McLendon-Covey is even funnier in person.

Cha. As if that was possible.

I took quite a bit away from the conference, including some great swag bags and a few embarrassing pictures I will promptly burn.

In addition to those, I took away memories of a great time and great friends.

For those of you who missed this year’s BlogHer, I’ve compiled a list of a few things I overheard this year at the conference.

These will make you feel like you were there, although it won’t give you the full experience of answering sex questions and winning Trojan products only after spinning a wheel.

You’re going to have to experience that in person next year.

Yes, this is really wearing a plastic measuring cup we got for free.  You're supposed to use them to measure your cup size, but we used them as hats to mimic ANTM poses.  That's what everyone uses them for, right?

Yes, this is really wearing a plastic measuring cup we got for free. You’re supposed to use them to measure your cup size, but we used them as hats to mimic ANTM poses. That’s what everyone uses them for, right?

“We really bonded over sizing each other’s boobs with measuring cups.”

“I loved Queen Latifah but didn’t see her crown anywhere?.  Do you think she is related to the Royal Baby?”

“Sorry, my vibrator is in the way.”

Did you visit the butt paste people yet?”

“Do you mind if I plug my iPhone, iPad, and laptop into this one outlet?”

“Is this my lube or is it yours?”

“Did you notice the Bearded Iris is neither bearded nor is her name Iris?”

Yes, it's a wheel of Trojan products.  And it was awesome.

Yes, it’s a wheel of Trojan products. And it was awesome.

“How am I going to fit all this toilet paper in my suitcase?”

“I’m going to swing by the Coca Cola booth and blast my abs really quick before this next session.”

“You’re the only non-grandma I know who can rock blue hair from the Windex booth.”

“Do you think I could get another pedometer?  Mine had an unfortunate drowning death in the women’s restroom.”

“Good God, these swag bags are heavy!”

“This was the greatest time ever and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Above all others, I heard the last quote the most.

Thanks to BlogHer for another great conference and another great year of fun.

Check out all this free swag!  We hit it big at the Wheel o' Trojan!

Check out all this free swag! We hit it big at the Wheel o’ Trojan!


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31 Thoughts on “Things I heard at Blogher 2013

  1. All I saw were giant zebra boobs! Please repeat.
    Donofalltrades just rambled about…CujoMy Profile

  2. Stupid toilet ate mah pedometer!!!!

  3. How in the heck did you keep track of those quotes??? Those are awesome and hilarious!! I loved the conference. It was SO much fun. I wish I could have hung out with you some more – I mentioned that on my Monday post. Julie kept saying over and over again how funny you were – which we already knew from your blog, but to be funny in person too is awesome – like I’m not really funny in person, unless I’ve had a few drinks or squeak out a few snide remarks every once in a while – all that crap on my blog stays in my head until I write it out. Meh.
    Kate Hall just rambled about…At One Point I Wanted to Churn My Own Butter and Weave My Own Baskets. I Was Stupid.My Profile

    • I keep track of quotes the same way I keep track of stuff my husband says: I just put it in a note in my phone!

      And I’m sorry I didn’t get to hang out with the Bloppies much! It seemed like every second of my day and night was planned and filled with something. I hate I didn’t get to spend more time with you ladies, although I’m glad I got to meet you.

      And you’re funny! Don’t let yourself think you aren’t. You are also an amazingly kind person with a heart of gold, so don’t sell yourself short.

      We will make it a date to hang out next year!

  4. Oh my gosh, that all sounds way too fun lol. Can’t wait to go in the future.
    Jessica just rambled about…World Breastfeeding Week – The Many Benefits of BreastfeedingMy Profile

  5. Oh this all sounds SOOOOO FUN!!! I love the quotes!! I hope I can go next year… that Trojan wheel has got me curious. 😉
    Chris Carter just rambled about…My Blogging Break FailedMy Profile

    • The Trojan Wheel was hilarious! You had to spin and it would tell you what prize you could win. Then you had to answer a question about sex. If you didn’t answer the question they didn’t give you the prize! They did give you lube, though, regardless of if you won or lost.

      I guess that made us all winners.

  6. Wow, I feel like I was really there! Wait, I WAS really there! I laughed right out loud at the one about blasting your abs at the Coke booth – every time I passed by there, I was afraid my body would force my mouth to yell, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS???”
    Hollow Tree Ventures just rambled about…Ending the Controversy about Anatomically Correct Birthing DollsMy Profile

    • WHY WERE THEY ALWAYS WORKING OUT AT THE COCA COLA BOOTH?! Seriously. I want to know why, because I couldn’t figure it out.

      Onetime I walked by and a woman was working out by herself and said something like “Why don’t you guys join me?” I wanted to respond with “Um, because we’re in regular clothes, its Friday afternoon, we’re at a writing conference, and you appear to be crazy.”

      I also wanted to tell her she had a camel toe, but that was the part I found most entertaining so I refrained from telling her.

      I’m glad you noticed how strange the whole thing was. I can only hope you noticed the camel toe.

  7. You gotta be my roomie next year, Lisa!! 😀
    Roshni just rambled about…WOHMs, ditch the Mommy Guilt already!My Profile

  8. Ugh! Even though I live in Chicagoland, I had to work all weekend. Would have LOVED to meet you in person. Sounds like a great time ~ and who doesn’t love some Trojan products?
    Mom Rants and Comfy Pants just rambled about…Musings From the Shower – The Pursuit of NormalMy Profile

  9. Meeting you was a HIGHLIGHT for sure!!
    Anna @ My Life and Kids just rambled about…Engagement Proposals Gone WrongMy Profile

  10. oh man! I wish I had run into you at the conference! So much to do, so many people, so little time.I should have just stalked the Trojan booth. Well for you and the best vibe on the planet…I mean, what?
    Quirky Chrissy just rambled about…Eating Gluten-Free at a Conference (Or How I was SO Hungry at BlogHer13, that I Thought About Eating Katie)My Profile

  11. Looks and sounds like you had a great time! My favorite part of last year was hanging out with the other bloggers…and the swag. Workshops, schmorkshops.

    • I totally agree! The workshops were fine, but I found only a few of them helpful. The best part was definitely meeting other bloggers…especially the ones I read regularly!

  12. So funny!!! I’ll second the last quote: I had the best time … and I can’t wait to do it again next year! Now I must go scoop the litter box. (Yep, re-entry’s a bitch!)
    Science Of Parenthood just rambled about…Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!My Profile

  13. You are so kind sharing only those NICE things… I think I heard a few others- but what happens at BlogHer stays at Blogher- right? Hahahaaaaa
    A Pleasant House just rambled about…Ingredients for LivingMy Profile

  14. I wonder if your swag can beat up my swag from Haven?? I don’t think so…I got a drill :). Naner, naner, naner!
    Doreen@househoneys just rambled about…My Haven Conference UpdateMy Profile

  15. And to think I thought my Grandmother had left this earth. Except she wouldn’t have only had her eye on the toilet paper…

    Besos, Sarah
    Sarah De Diego (Journeys of The Zoo) just rambled about…Link Up to The Zoo’s Weekly [BLOGLOVIN HOP] up to August 22My Profile

    • I remember in college we would take toilet paper from places around campus because we were so poor! I’m embarrassed to admit that, but we absolutely did that.

      Your grandma sounds like a good woman.

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