113It’s summer time, which means it’s time to hit the pool instead of hitting the gym.

Yeah right, like I hit the gym the rest of the year.

If did, I probably would enjoy the pool a bit more.  Hence, my theory for how to survive the swimsuit season.  Read about it here.  It’s an awesome idea.  (Duh).

So now that you’re equipped to go to the pool and not feel bad about how you look in a swimming suit (because you read my post), you need a few more staples.

Not stomach staples.  You look great the way you are.  Didn’t you read my swimsuit theory?

Read about the five things you need to take to the pool here.  Yes, I’m making you go to another site.  Deal with it.

You know you’d click just about anywhere to learn about what to take to the pool.  So one more click!



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4 Thoughts on “Five things you need to survive at the pool this summer

  1. Going to check it out. I’m not wearing a bathing suit. A skort is good enough. I am not going in the water anyway unless it is really really hot.
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    • You should TOTALLY wear a bathing suit! You’re skinny and you should own it!

      As for getting in the water, it’s pretty much just one big toilet, so I don’t blame you there.

  2. I definitely invest in lots of cover ups!

  3. You don’t need cover ups!

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