Matt and Lisa at MetMy husband and I are currently in one of our favorite places on the planet.  Where, you ask? Fabulous New York City!

Other acceptable answers would have been (1) Chipotle, (2) a rescue shelter filled with playful puppies and/or (3) Dairy Queen

We come to New York fairly regularly and although I’m sure we play the role of the hardened New Yorkers quite well, we enjoy doing touristy things too.

Standing in the middle of the sidewalk holding up my iPhone to gauge which way is west is something all New Yorkers do, right?

Musings at the MetToday we went to The Metropolitan Museum, or “The Met” for us New Yorker folks.  For some reason, Matt had never been there, and it had been years since I was there, so we decided to spend the day looking at old stuff.  (Not to be confused with looking at old junk.  That would be a horse of a different color and a very different afternoon.)

As we walked through the museum, my husband’s brilliance shined through once again in the comments he made.  He didn’t realize I was keeping track of his musings, but he never does because I’m super stealthy that way.

He may, however, think I have a bladder control issue because I’m always going to the restroom so I can update my notes in private.

Do you see what I do for you?  Do you see the kind of concern I cause my husband just so you can have a chuckle?  I hope you enjoy this.  You better.

1. Broken

Lisa: “Aw, that statue’s wiener fell off.”

Matt:  “You’ll have that every now and again.”

Matt with broken statue







2.  Ingenuity

Pointing to an opening in armor that was hanging in an exhibit

Matt: “That’s for his pee hole.”

Armor at the Met






3.  Sports Fan

Matt:  “It looks like that’s a sculpture of a guy sliding into home.”

sliding into








4.  Gun Enthusiast

While pointing to a display case with several guns missing

Matt:  “I don’t like that…”

Gun case at Met







5.  Perky

While pointing to an armored statue with a genital region pointing upward

Matt:  “That soldier sure is…um…peppy.”

Matt looking at peppy armor







6. Accuracy Expert

While looking at a mosaic with pygmies and a hippopatomous

Matt: “That hippo isn’t to scale.”

7.  Education Advocate

Lisa:  “Will you take a picture of me on the Met steps in my Blaire Waldorff headband so I can totally channel her?”


Gossip Girl outside the met









It was a fun afternoon at the Met, my friends.  Of course, it was made far more entertaining by my husband and his random comments, but that’s the case with most things, isn’t it?