Why I love Opening DayIt’s that time of year again, sports fans (and beer fans)!  It’s Opening Day in Busch Stadium in St. Louis!

For those of you not lucky enough to live in this beer and baseball town, Opening Day is practically a holiday in St. Louis, celebrated by all.

Do you want your car fixed?  Not on Opening Day you don’t.  What about a yearly check up with your doctor?  Not unless you want to have a last minute cancellation because your doc got tickets to the game.

Saint Louis celebrates beer and baseball like no one else, and Opening Day is one of the most exciting days of the year.  Aside from, of course, my birthday, but that’s more of a world-wide celebration.

So in honor of this glorious day, I decided to make a list of my favorite things about Opening Day, aside from drinking.  That’s just too obvious and I’m better than that.  It would also be a short post.

5.  Nachos are considered an acceptable lunch

nachosNo other day of the year is it socially acceptable by the masses to feast on nachos for lunch during the work week.  Granted, I find it perfectly acceptable, and actually encourage it year-round.

However, not everyone is as nutritiously conscious as I am.

What’s not to love about stadium nachos?

Vegetables?  Check.  (Jalapeños and tomatoes)

Protein?  Check.  (Stadium cheese and beef)

Dairy?  Check.  (Cheese and sour cream)

Carbs?  Check.  (Chips)

It’s a well-balanced meal and I’m not sure why it isn’t a regular form of sustenance during the regular year.  However, I’m glad there’s at least one day a year where noshing on carbs and fake cheese is encouraged.

4.  White pants

Photo credit; http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/matt-holliday-plans-to-keep-wearing-red-schoendiensts-pants-after-homer?urn=mlb,wp10015

Photo credit; http://sports.yahoo.com/

Not on me.  Ew.  That would be disgusting, and would also be a disaster.  Didn’t you read #5 about the nachos? I’d have cheese and salsa on my pants within 30 seconds of gaining possession of those crunchy carbs.

I’m referring to the white pants those stud-muffin Cardinals players wear when they play ball.

They’re not skin tight in a David Bowie in Labyrinth kind of way.

They’re classy and leave a bit to the imagination (and with each beer, I find more and more imagination).

Opening Day is usually after Easter, and wearing white isn’t faux paux after the egg-stravagant holiday.  (Yes, I made that pun.  It was horribly awesome.)

Seeing the white pants on the tight butts of the players is reason alone to buy a ticket. Adam Wainright is too.

WARNING:  This white pants rule doesn’t apply to most of the coaches, although Mike Matheny sure fills them out nicely.He’s the exception to the rule.

He’s the exception to most rules.  <sigh>

3.  It’s okay to be drunk on a Monday at 10:00 a.m.

beerAny other Monday of the year, if you were drunk at 10:00 in the morning you’d “have a problem” or be “that guy who smells like Budweiser and stale cigarettes.”

But on Opening Day, it’s not only acceptable.  It’s encouraged!

Walking around the streets of downtown St. Louis on Opening Day, it can be difficult to find a sober person.

In fact, sober people on Opening Day are an anomaly; a phantom; a myth.  If you’re not stumbling drunk by noon, most St. Louis fans will deem you a Cubs fan and banish you from the stadium.

NOTE:  Being called a Cubs fan is the worst atrocity imaginable.  I figure you guys knew that, but I wanted to reiterate it.  I will also reiterate that the Cubs suck.

2.  I look good in red.

Cards gameI do.  It’s a fact.  I’m so glad my St. Louis Cardinals have red and white as their colors, as both are complimentary to my hair and skin tone.  Even though I’ve recently gone from blonde to red/brunette, my red Cardinals gear still looks good on me.

But of course it does.  Why wouldn’t it?

Other teams aren’t as lucky when it comes to team colors.  San Francisco got hit with the ugly stick of team colors and uniforms.

I actually feel sorry for the Giants fans.  Sure, they won the World Series last year, blah, blah, blah.  But they deserve a win every now and then just for having to wear those hideous uniforms and the color orange.

No one looks good in orange.

And why are the Giants’ colors orange?  I would think they’d be green, for obvious reasons.  I guess San Francisco isn’t a fan of vegetables.  Ho ho ho.

SIDEBAR:  Who has won more World Series than the current reigning champs? The St. Louis Cardinals.  Again, suck it Cubs.

1.  Mike Shannon

mike shannon

Photo credit:

This guy is the number one reason I love Opening Day.  Cardinals fans everywhere love the voice of this announcer, even if we can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time.

Listeners can practically see the tumbler of scotchka (scotch and vodka) grasped tightly in his hand as he calls the game.  If you stop and listen closely, you can hear the ice jingling in the glass.

However, the ice doesn’t have time to melt, as he downs his drinks fairly quickly.  Mike Shannon doesn’t want his scotchka watered down.

He’s not a pussy.

Cardinal Nation lives for Shannon musings like “That foul tip bounced up and caught him right in the groins…and that’ll really clear your eyes out.” and “The moon sure is pretty tonight.  Wish you folks at home could see it.”

We’re glad he’s back in full effect, and full of liquor…just the way a baseball announcer should be.

Play ball!  Let’s go Cards!

20 Thoughts on “Why I love Opening Day and Cardinals baseball

  1. Yea!!! On opening day even my Cubbies are winners, within 3 weeks I will be stabbing myself in the eye with a taquito.Anyway, I am looking forward to coming to Busch in June for the Cubbies/Cardinals game. Even though, I will be in hostile territory it will be AWESOME. My mom and her husband are goin’ to the game with us, and they are Cardinals fans….

    • Sorry about the smack talk about the Cubs, Tam. I feel like that’s just required if I’m talking about the Cardinals and Opening Day. Don’t they go together, and vice versa with the Cubs?

      That’s awesome you’re coming to the Cards/Cubs series. I promise you we are nicer to Cubs fans here than Cubs fans are to us up there.

      We will welcome you with open arms…as long as you buy us a beer first.

      • I just started writing and I already have to apologize.

        I wanted to comment on your blog post on your dinner at the Greek restaurant with the belly dancer (and I promise, I’ve met Sarcastic, who is BFF with MY BFF, Bitchfest) but you closed comments on that one and for the life of me, I couldn’t find where to contact you otherwise.

        I don’t necessarily agree with what my cohorts have stated when they wrote to you. Did I get offended? I *could* have been, but in some cases, it’s a choice, and I chose to be entertained by your blog instead.

        No, we aren’t strippers and I’ve spent at least the equivalent of an advanced degree on classes to get better at this art.

        Nonetheless, when I’ve performed at restaurants I’ve always tried to have someone in the audience who could model the appropriate behavior. Seriously, having the dancer’s veil trail in the hummus is quite an appetite suppressant, so why not make sure that people know how to respond?

        In a very real sense, what your blog discussed was being put in an uncomfortable situation and trying to figure out how to come out of it gracefully.

        In the future, should you choose to enjoy a restaurant that has dancers, clap for her. Look excited that she’s out there. She will stop by and may dance for your table for a bit, tip her if you can. If she allows body tipping (not everyone does) place it in the arm or wrist cuffs if available. If it’s not obvious that she does, ask her where she’d like the tip.

        Most of us want our audience to enjoy our shows. There is nothing more disheartening than to go out there dance your coins off and feel as if the audience didn’t enjoy themselves.

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see my performance from an audience members viewpoint. BTW, I’m NOT the dancer in the photo 😉

        • You are AWESOME and I appreciate this comment so very much. I think it’s hard to tell how to contact me, but at the top of the site, there’s a bubble with a bunch of things like Facebook and Twitter on there, but I don’t know that there’s something to email me. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure there is. I will actually need to talk to someone about fixing it.

          As for you comments and thoughts, I can’t tell you how much they mean to me. I’ve been shocked and appalled at the comments I’ve received, many of which were actually quite hateful towards me personally. I received a very long one this morning that repeatedly called me several names I wouldn’t even repeat, and said I was a pompous —- who was a racist biggot. I’d had enough at that point. I turned comments off after that one and then removed all the hateful ones. I didn’t want to further encourage bullying.

          I’m glad you realized I was being ridiculously sarcastic! No, I didn’t really yell questions at her over the music while drinking. That’s ridiculous. No, I don’t really think she can’t do better than that. I honestly suspect these women have regular jobs who do this on the side for the love of the craft. I truly respect what they do and think it’s amazing, as Lord knows I couldn’t do it.

          The idea from this post sprung from that evening where I truly didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to offend her in any way. I didn’t know if she wanted us to watch all of it, or if that would be viewed as gawking. I also didn’t want to ignore her either. I truly was asking what to do, but in a funny way, and I’m grateful for your advice!

          My blog is over-the-top and super sarcastic and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. I don’t really think I had a date with Blues Player Alex Steen (another post) nor do I think Ryan Gosling should break up with Eva Mendes because she may kick dogs (another post). Of course I don’t think any of those things. They’re ridiculous.

          However, my readers know I don’t mean those things, and just read it for what it is. It’s supposed to make you chuckle and remember not to take things to seriously. I’m so glad you saw that and even more glad that you took the time to comment.

          I certainly don’t mean to offed, which is why it’s written on the main page of my blog. I say I don’t want to be offensive and nothing is intended to be anything other than sarcastic. I suspect your coleagues only read the bellydancing post and nothing else. If they looked on, they would see that the majority of the time, my posts are making fun of myself.

          (I also suspect there is some serious copyright infringement going on with my post as well, as I don’t see that I’m getting traffic from a link…and I suspect my post was copied and pasted in an email or another forum, which is a violation of Federal law. I’m not going to investigate it, and it certainly may not be true, but I suspect that’s the case. Of course, despite many of the allegations that I’m a horrible person, I would never send a cease and desist letter, although I certainly have the capability to do so. It’s not how I am, despite the insults to the contrary.)

          Despite the allegations that I’m ignorant and stupid and don’t have an education, I’m actually a very accomplished lawyer who just authored an article for the American Bar Association. (My name as a lawyer is different than my legal name, as I got married after practicing for years and didn’t want to change my professional name.) I suspect none of that is in the email/post provided to fellow bellydancers about why I’m so horrible and why I should be berated and belittled and my character attacked.

          I respect free speech. It’s the reason I allowed all of the negative, and frequently hateful comments to be published on my page. As owner of this domain, I control what is posted, and I allowed all the disrespectful and derrogatory posts to be published because I wanted to encourage a conversation about the topic. However, it seemed no one who commented negatively could keep it civil, and for that reason, I had to turn off the comments.

          I’ve never been treated so poorly or in such a disrespectful way, not even in my years of litigating and getting into heated depositions and trials. I wish your colleagues would know that their hateful comments and personal attacks do nothing but tarnish the image of bellydancers, as their comments suggest they are hateful people who think anyone who makes a joke is a (insert your favorite expletive here and then call me a racist and a repulsive human being.)

          Thank you for your comment. Thank you so much. Thank you for being civil and respectful, and for expressing your views in a coherent way. I appreciate your thoughts and the fact that you didn’t join in on the “hatefest.” I also appreciate your recommendations, as you gave me insight into how to behave in that situation. I would never want to be disrespectful to an art that’s often passed down through the generations.

          I would LOVE to see you dance and would tip appropriately in the arm band (thanks to you telling me about that custom). Thank you for being so understanding and supportive and thank you even more for commenting. I was having a hard time not letting those comments ruin my day, and you just completely turned it around.


      • IT is totally ok my friend. I have been a Cubs fan for many years, I am used to the abuse 🙂 Now, I know how to make friends with the St Louisians so that is a good thing. Thanks for lookin’ out for me , and giving me the inside details.
        TAM just rambled about…Texting Tuesday: I don’t think the corporate world is ready for our tag team of awesomeness. And, how Tam did not die from a ketchup wound.My Profile

  2. I honestly just love opening day, because I know spring and nicer weather is right around the corner, but that is just me. Sounds lame, but it does put a smile on face, lol!! 🙂
    Janine Huldie just rambled about…Birthday Parties with My Gang (Poll Included)My Profile

  3. Great post, and I love hearing from a fellow baseball fan fanatic! We girls definitely know what’s important in baseball, those pants being #1 on my list. Course as I haven’t heard Mike Shannon announce yet =) To quote from my very own,(not anywhere near as funny as yours) baseball post: “There’s something about a muscle-bound shirtless guy in grass-stained-butt-clinging baseball pants with an ice pack strapped to his shoulder that you don’t ever forget. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.”
    Sue just rambled about…Fear of FlyingMy Profile

    • Um, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Was that quote from your post from today? I need to read another baseball post!

      I love it when women are baseball fans!

      And if you heard Mike Shannon, you would know why he’s my #1 reason. He’s hilarious and a city treasure here.

      They actually call them Shannonisms and they’re pretty funny. The best part is that it isn’t intentional.

      • I know, I Googled him. I included some Yogi quotes in one of my other blogs, and Shannon says the same kind of stuff. My baseball blog was a few months ago =)
        Sue just rambled about…Fear of FlyingMy Profile

  4. Okay, clearly I need to move to St. Louis.

    Let me just sum it up for you in one sad word: Cleveland.
    Emelie just rambled about…I’m Pretty Sure It Was Clark Kent in the Squirrel Costume.My Profile

    • Um, ew. STL is where it’s at when it comes to baseball. It really is like none other and there’s a reason Busch Stadium is known as “Baseball Heaven.” It really is.

      Oh, and our players are often hot, as is our new coach. BONUS!

  5. There is nothing…and I mean NOTHING…like Cards baseball. We had season tickets for years as I was growing up. I even came home from college one year in the ’80s to see one of the World Series Games (and it was an 8 hour drive). We were mega fans! I know I’m the only one, but I miss the old stadium.

    On of the worst things about living in North Carolina now is that there isn’t even a major league team close enough to catch the Cards play (except for Atlanta every now and then) My kids aren’t even growing up baseball fans because there is no baseball here at all. *sob*.

    I have so many FB friends that are still in St. Louis, it’s easy for me to keep up with the Cards, though! 🙂 –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality just rambled about…On The Road AgainMy Profile

    • There is an electricity in St. Louis for the Cardinals that no one can imagine if they’ve never experienced it. It’s like nothing else and I love it. This town really does bleed red for their Cardinals.

      I mean, they also bleed red because, you know….blood is red (or at least it should be), but whatever. You take my point.

      I’m sad your kids aren’t growing up knowing the magic of baseball, although i understand the wouldn’t feel loyalty to a team halfway across the nation. You should bring them to STL sometime for the weekend. There’s a reason they call Busch Stadium “Baseball Heaven.”


      I love the Cards. I’m so glad you do too!

  6. Finally another Cards fan blogging!!! Love me some opening day and that Shannon moon comment when he was in NY was classic!

    • My hubby and I say that quote ALL THE TIME! I actually met him a few years ago at a Cards/Cubs series in Chicago. We were with a group and he was friends with one of the people so we hung out with him that weekend.

      It TOTALLY freaked me out to hear him speak and watch his mouth move. It was surreal. I kept wanting to say “But you’re in the radio! You can’t be live!”

      I refrained, as I didn’t want to look more crazy than he does.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Cards fans are welcome anytime. I think you know how I feel about Cubs fans. The post made that perfectly clear. 🙂

  7. The Cards get the spot as my second favorite baseball team. As a die-hard Sox fan who went to school in Peoria, I had two choices. The Cubs (BLECK) or the Cards.

    Obviously I made my choice.

    Play Ball!
    Quirky Chrissy just rambled about…I Made Pictures in My Mind to Remember YouMy Profile

  8. Monica on April 7, 2014 at 2:24 pm said:

    RE: Mike Matheny, truer words have never been spoken.
    Also Mike Shannon, I laughed out loud to that one. I still miss the Buck/Shannon team, such memories, ie my mom getting mad and turning off the radio when the Cards weren’t doing well, then coming back into the kitchen a few minutes later to turn it back on.

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