I assume this is how fellow DGs reacted when they heard the news.

I assume this is how fellow DGs reacted when they heard the news.




I’ve got it!  I’ve got Rebecca Martinson’s resignation email!  

Okay, so it isn’t her actual resignation email, but it’s the one she sent to her sisters after she “resigned.”

Okay, so it isn’t anything she wrote.  I wrote it, but I totally channeled her the entire time, as evidenced by the derogatory comments and gratuitous cussing.  


I miss her already.

Dear asshats, cock blocks and fucking f@ggots**,

Are you sitting down?  I FUCKING hope so, because this shit is about to get real.  I’m officially resigning from the Delta Gamma sorority effective immediately.  RIGHT GOD-DAMNED NOW.

Why? I don’t want to be associated with a group of FUCKING AWKWARD GIRLS who don’t know how to talk to boys unless they’re drunk.

Consider this email a punch in your god-damned face, (or your crotch…same thing….) because that’s what you cock blocks need.

kicked outIs my “resignation” voluntary?  What do you think?  It’s about as voluntary as the mandatory Greek Week events that YOU FUCKING ASSHATS COULDN’T ATTEND WITHOUT FUCKING UP!

Is it your fault I’m “resigning?”  Of course it is, you stupid boners.

If one of you hadn’t leaked my email, we’d all be in sisterly bliss right now, dancing around our Greek Week winning trophy, circling each other’s body fat and hazing the shit out of freshmen…as we FUCKING SHOULD BE.

But instead, because you guys are FUCKING LOSERS, I’m out on the street, stripped of my DG letters.  Yes, I’m LITERALLY STRIPPED OF MY LETTERS.

Someone from panhellenic LITERALLY came over and ripped them off my body.

How did I find out I was “resigning”? When I came back to the sorority house after my History of Kickball 101 class, and discovered all my shit was boxed up and my room was locked.

I didn’t even get to pick up my FUCKING WHIPS AND CHAINS from my room to bust your asses.  Instead, I found my clothes burning in the lawn like a goddamned street rat.

This is a drawing I made of me c*nt punting all of you.

This is a drawing I made of me c*nt punting all of you.

Since it’s MID-FUCKING SEMESTER, and I can’t find anywhere to live, I had to use that glowing trash container to warm my skinny hands.

I’m only 100 fucking pounds, and I get cold easily.  Maybe if some of you would lay off the cheeseburgers, you’d know how this feels.

Because I have nowhere to live, I’m shacking up at the Sigma Nus, who were nice enough to let me stay with them.

Sure, it’s in their basement that’s comprised mostly of vomit and semen, but at least it’s not filled with a bunch of FUCKING LOSERS.

So watch yourselves, because if I see any of you cock blocks around, I swear to God I will still c*nt punt you across campus. It should be pretty easy since you guys seem to hoe it up with every fraternity in town except THE SIGMA FUCKING NUS.

Your vag’es should be big enough to fit my whole FUCKING FOOT UP IN THERE.  God knows half of the Phi Delt house has been up there already.  It’s practically they’re second home.

The one time I would wear these hideous boots is to kick your asses.

The one time I would wear these hideous boots is to kick your asses.

I just hope my stiletto doesn’t doesn’t get lost up there, although if it did, I might find a few other BONERS just like you roaming around.

You whiney bitches are probably saying “Oh Em Gee, Rebecca, vag’es isn’t a word.”  FUCK YEAH IT’S A WORD, and it’s used to describe awkward people like you who don’t know how to cheer at a kickball game.

Kick the ball.  Cheer.  IT’S NOT HARD.  It’s definitely not as hard as Alegebra 101.  Get over yourself.

So CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS!  I’m out.  I’ve “resigned.”

I’m now going to head over to the Zetas, because although I hate them, and wouldn’t want to wear their letters, at least they’re not weird shits who do weird shit in the corner.

So long BITCHES!  Go fuck yourself…just don’t do it at the Sigma Nu’s.

Yours in DG love,


 broken heart

**Please note the use of this word is only because it was in the original email.  I couldn’t bring myself to type such a hateful word so I’ve used a symbol to make it less harsh.

9 Thoughts on “Rebecca Martinson’s email resignation (or at least what I think it would look like)

  1. That is some scary sh–… Wow.
    Chris Carter just rambled about…My Kiddos…My Profile

  2. She’s a psyco. It’s such good comedic material, but I swear, if that little cow gets a book deal, I will Litterally strap myself to a chair and punt myself out the window.
    Amy mayen just rambled about…Picture Frame Bow HolderMy Profile

  3. Hahaha! I just saw your comment on my blog- my daughter is one of those few kids that I like. She’s pretty cool to shop with. We don’t need groceries mom. Lets get shoes.

    Being an aunt is more fun though- less responsibility. I give em tons of sugar & send em home with loud toys:) let em watch family guy- my 5 year old nephew went home & asked what vaginaplasty is. Worst aunt ever, right here.
    Amy Mayen just rambled about…Picture Frame Bow HolderMy Profile

    • I would like to think I will be giving you a run for your money on best/worst aunt ever.

      I plan on introducing her to Fun Dip when she’s older. Do you remember that? It was a packet of different colored PURE SUGAR that you ate with a STICK MADE OF SUGAR.

      I am totally going to introduce her to that, and then send her back to her parents. I can hardly wait.

  4. “Kick the ball. Cheer. IT’S NOT HARD.” — favorite line in the whole email.
    Emelie just rambled about…I Feel Like I’m Constantly Asking You All Not To Judge Me…My Profile

    • Hee hee! I had fun writing this but still feel uncomfortable having it posted on my blog since there are so many curse words in it, and that’s not normally what my blog is about.

      I hope no one is offended or upset by it. But how else could I write the email without busting out the profanity?

      I would be doing Rebecca a disservice if I didn’t riddle it with F-bombs. She wouldn’t want that.

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