To poke or not to pokeWhatever happened to poking on Facebook? Did people forget about it like they “forgot about Dre?”

Come to think of it, I guess Dr. Dre was totally forgotten because he did that Dr. Pepper commercial a few years back. So fortunately, Dr. Dre wasn’t forgotten, but only thanks to Eminem and the refreshingly smooth and refreshing Dr. Pepper.

Will poking be as lucky?

**NOTE:  For those of you not familiar with the Dr. Dre reference, he was a rapper from the 90s and he was awesome. I encourage you to download his music immediately, unless you’re not a fan of profanity and talking about hoes.  But if you aren’t a fan of those things, you wouldn’t be reading my blog.

photo credit: LarimdaME via photopin cc

photo credit: LarimdaME via photopin cc

Okay, back to poking.  I remember when poking was all the rage. (on Facebook! You guys are such pervs). I used to get poked several times a day by all kinds of people. Yeah, I was a huge pokee and was totally popular in all the different poking circuits.

From my high school math teacher to my friends’ kids to my coworkers, I was constantly getting poked by different people all hours of the day and night.

My Facebook page was poke central and I liked it. I called it P.C. for short.  And it was P.C.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a selfish poker. I returned the pokes in kind, like any respectable girl would do. But somewhere along the way, poking fell along the waste side along with slap bracelets and Clearly Canadian flavored water.

**SIDE NOTE: If anyone knows how those Canadian geniuses made such delicious tasting water, please enlighten me. Please also direct me to where I can purchase more of that goodness.  Casey at The General Store swears he can’t get anymore, but that’s what he said about BBQ Pringles and that was clearly a lie.  Not Clearly Canadian, but clearly a lie.

Yes, that was a bad pun, but I feel good about it.

So has poking gone Clearly Canadian? I hope not. I don’t think it’s quite there yet, as the poke button is still present on Facebook. For how long, however, is a different beast entirely.

I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to the poke just yet. I feel like we haven’t had enough time together. Like we’ve only just begun to poke. Isn’t that what The Carpenters sang about in the 70s?

Maybe we should start a “Bring back the poke” campaign. Our mascot could be a giant finger and we could come up with clever slogans like

It’s no joke: bring back the poke!”


There’s no denyin’, the poke is a dyin.'”

photo credit: colorblindPICASO via photopin cc

photo credit: colorblindPICASO via photopin cc

That last one was a little morbid but sometimes scare tactics work. I mean, we all get out our checkbooks whenever we hear Sarah McLaughlin’s “In the arms of the angel.”  I know I do.  If you don’t, you’re just an asshole.

Okay, I realize if this campaign is going to go live, I will need a creative team to come up with better slogans than just changing the consonant in front of “oke” and calling people assholes to get them to bring poking back.

I could only hope Justin Timberlake would be on board with “Bringing Poking Back” as he was so successful in his quest to bring sexy back.  Let’s face it:  he succeeded.  He’s the kind of visionary we need on our team.

So are we going to do this?  Are we going to unite in our campaign of pokes?  Well let the campaigning begin!  Let there be no more hokey poke-ing about it.  We need to get to work!

I’ll get the markers and glitter, and you get the poster board and stencils.  We will meet at my parents house to begin making signs after school on Thursday.

Apparently we will be running this campaign like an 8th grade student council election, but since I won that election (I dominated it), I think I know how to run a successful campaign.

The secret is witty posters (and cleavage).

Get to work, people!  No more wasting time poking around in other people’s business. Here, “business” means Facebook pages and not people’s crotches, which is its usual meaning.

So I’ll see you in my parents’ basement for sign-making.  And don’t fricking forget the Clearly Canadian.  I’m sooooo not kidding about that.

Perfect.  Campaign. Merch.

13 Thoughts on “To poke or not to poke. Is it even a question?

  1. I really never understood the poke. I remember when my kids were teens and I’d see them on Facebook and ask what them what the heck was that site? (at the time MySpace was all the rage). Anyway… Remember asking them what the “poke” was. : )

    • I remember when MySpace was the big thing. Wasn’t it Tom the guy who started it? I wonder why that went away. I remember it was big just because Facebook only could be used by college kids. Poor Tom. I wonder if he mourns the loss of MySpace.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  2. Haha! I’ve forgotten all about the “poking” on Facebook. Must admit, it used to irritate the daylights out of me. I used to think to myself, ‘You can poke the crap out of me every day, but you can’t be bothered to send a quick message to say ‘hi’?! What do you want, leave me aloooooone!” Lol. I guess a few now and then were fun, but sorry – not a fan of it really. 😉

    • I actually had a similar feeling about the poking. I always thought it was stupid and annoying and it’s like “how long are we going to go back and forth with this? It’s stupid.”

      But then one day I realized no one really used it anymore. I wonder if everyone else felt the same way we did about the poke. It really serves no purpose, but it gave me something to write about, so I’m grateful for that!

      Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  3. I had forgotten all about the poke too. Facebook has changed so much over such a short time.

    • Isn’t it funny how poking was all the rage and now no one does it? You have to actually start a scavenger hunt to find the button. I can barely find the button to log out, so it’s a wonder I figured out where they put the poke button!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I’m totally not into the whole poking thing (um, on Facebook anyway) but I would totally wear those buttons just to be scandalous.

  5. Clearly Canadian??? OMGosh. I think I drank those every day all through high school. I was obsessed with them and forgot they even existed until I read your blog post. I must taste one again before the end of 2013. Someone, somewhere has to still sell them. Mmm. Good memories.
    Monica just rambled about…Blog AdorationMy Profile

  6. Ha ha! I just came across your blog since I found out that Clearly Canadian is starting a campaign to bring the drink back – if they can get pre-orders for like 25000 cases, they can start making it again. You can find the details on their facebook page and their website. So I googled to see if their campaign was legit and I came across your blog. Thought you might like to know! Btw, haven’t found anything saying it’s a scam. They say if they don’t hit the 25k mark they give everyone’s money back. It’s like a kickstarter thing. In case you’re interested, here’s my link:

    I just made it like 5 minutes ago so I have no idea if it works. I only ordered one case to see how it goes. They say it should ship in Spring 2014 if they get enough orders. Ooooh I cannot WAIT!

    • WHAT?! This is amazing news! I’m embarrassed at how much I want Clearly Canadian to come back. I don’t know you Nicole, yet I love you for giving me this information. It’s pure fate that our paths crossed.

      • I know!!! I’m so excited, like 50 more people have ordered cases since I found their site the other day! I need my Orchard Peach, stat!! LoL. Happy to share the news 🙂

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