I didn’t know my husband in high school, which is probably for the best as I have no desire to ever see that guy in Fubu clothing.  (Seriously, that’s what he wore in high school.  Of all thing things I joke about, this is not one of them.  I wish it was.)

Fortunately, I didn’t know him then so I was able to marry him without being aware of his horrid past of Thug Looney Toons shirts and overalls with only one strap buckled (because it looked so much cooler to have that other strap just dangling down, the metal part hitting you every 5 seconds).

Since I didn’t meet him until later in life, I didn’t get the pleasure of seeing his school pictures.  In all honesty, he won’t show me any of his school photos because he says I will endlessly ridicule him.

He’s not wrong.  If I can get my hands on some of those photos, I will scan them and upload them for your viewing pleasure.  (First I will also need to find a scanner…and then knowledge of how to scan photos.)

I can only imagine what my dear husband’s school pictures looked like.  I can’t go back in time (but if I could, I definitely wouldn’t have let myself fall in love with ChipotleHello fifty pounds.)  Although I can’t time travel, I feel like I have the next best thing.

No, it’s not Doc from Back to the Future.  My husband works at a university and apparently this year they made everyone take school photos (or so my husband tells me).

Because I know you are just dying to see his picture, I have secured a copy (unbenownst to my husband) and will post it here on the inter webs for all to enjoy.  What did he wear?  Did he use one of those little combs they give people to make sure his ‘do was perfect?  I know you have so many questions.  Well wait no longer….here it is.

Amaze-balls, right?!  There are so many things I want to say about this picture.  Where to start?  First off, I must say that I’m disappointed in the choice of background.  I was really hoping for neon zig zags or extremely large pencils that serve no purpose other than to take up space in the background.

And where is the over sized number for the year he graduates?  How are we to know what grade he is in without the classy wooden numbers?

And is this the only option they gave him for a photo opportunity?  That’s disappointing.  Where is the one of him propped up against the piece of shit car with the cheesy hood ornament?  Isn’t that a requirement for all school photos? (Or maybe that’s just mine.)

Did he not have a Letterman jacket?  (Not David Letterman for those of you under the age of 30 that may be reading this blog.  A Letterman jacket is a type of jacket.  OMG.  You guys are so young.)

Did he value anything other than that tie he seems to be overly excited about rocking?  Where is the photo of him with his favorite instrument? (Which in high school, may have been his organ if you know what I mean…)

Overall, I say he looks particularly handsome, and I’m proud to call him my husband.  I say I’ll hold on to him for a while longer (he’s the cute one in this couple).  And now the big question:  How many wallet sizes should we order?

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  1. Aww, he’s a cutie. Definitely a keeper.

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