At a sandbar in the Financial District overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, those are couches that glow, and yes, we have awesome friends who took us to this super secretive place. Otherwise, we would have ended up at an Applebee’s.

My husband and I just went to New York City for some good old-fashioned fun (and also because we apparently just LOVE getting blisters on our feet).

We are no stranger to this city, although we certainly aren’t hard-core New Yorkers who yell into their iPhones and rock out to their iPads without even noticing someone is standing next to them. However, in our recent trips, we’ve realized there are a few simple rules you should follow if you want to not look like a tourist in New York.

2nd attempt at nyc picture1. Always look annoyed with other people

This is a sure-fire way to make you look like a New Yorker. Just today, there was a group of menopausal woman trying to buy a Metro Pass. Between the five of them, they couldn’t figure out how to load a card into the machine to get a subway pass.

Their failure to understand the card purchase was super annoying (and disturbing, as I’m sure these women raised children at some point). My irritation got the best of me, so I did what any New Yorker would do; I huffed loudly, found another machine, pushed my way in, reloaded my card and stormed off in an irritated fashion.

It was exhilarating! Those women didn’t even know what hit them and before they could look up, I was headed downtown on the 2 train. I’m sure they will go back to their one-horse town and talk about the rude New Yorker who pushed through the subway line. Success!

2. Don’t stare up in awe at the buildings

Tourists seem to be wide-eyed about everything New York. True New Yorkers don’t give a crap about the buildings because they’re always late. It’s just a regular day for them and they don’t have time to look impressed or excited.  They need their grande iced double shot espresso with skim milk ASAP. And don’t even THINK of making it not skinny. Seriously. They will cut you for that. They’ve cut someone for far less.

3. Don’t stare at the subway maps

New Yorkers don’t need the subway maps. They have those routes permanently engraved in their memory.

If you need to figure out which line to take, download a subway app and casually look at it on your phone in between stops. It will make you look inconspicuous, and will also allow you to avoid eye contact with the crazy people on the train pandering for money, alleging they’re broke, yet forgetting that we all know they had at least a few bucks to enter the subway.

4. Wear trendy clothes

This is where I really struggle. n a city where Chanel bags are king, your Vera Wang from Kohl’s won’t turn any heads…or at least not for the right reasons.

5. Don’t be a wuss

Do I really need to explain this one? If so, then you shouldn’t even book a trip to New York, as you will be eaten alive before you leave the airport. No one cares that your feet hurt or that you’re chaffed from walking through the Village.

Shut up and move.

8 Thoughts on “Ways to be super cool in NYC and not look like a tourist

  1. I <3 New York! One of the best cities to visit. I had a problem staring at the buildings though and snapping pictures! Yup… I was a total tourist, LOL! Thanks for sharing with us @ My favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain
    Jessica just rambled about…What Being A Dad Means to Me by Kristina from Self Health WebMy Profile

    • You’re so sweet for always reading and commenting on my blog. I appreciate it.

      We go to NYC quite a bit, and I fit in nicely with the fact I go a million miles an hour, and I’m always in a hurry. It’s my home away from home.

  2. You are hysterical! I used to live in NYC and you are spot on!! The part about the Vera Wang pocketbook- I practically spit my water out right now! What a cute picture of the two of you!
    mel just rambled about…Going to Disney soon! Come see my Vlog about Tips for Road Trips to Disney!My Profile

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! And allow me to apologize for the spitting out of your water. Although I’m sure it sucks, I love having that effect on people. 🙂

  3. 🙂 I love NYC but have only been a couple times. It is an exhilarating place to visit.

    Even without your list, I succeeded in not looking like a tourist so well that I actually had tourists asking me for directions 🙂

    #2 above was still an issue though!

    • I’m glad you were able to not look like a tourist in NYC. Being asked for directions by a tourist is the biggest compliment you can receive in New York! (Aside from “I’m not going to mug you on the subway because you look like a nice person.)

      Hopefully the next time you go, you can use these tips and you’ll look like a full fledged New Yorker!

  4. I’ve only been to NYC once and it was a really short trip, not nearly enough time to see and do as much as I would like. I hope to go again someday when I can stay longer. Thanks for all these tips because I’m fairly sure I screwed up and did every one of these things!
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