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Notice anything different about this blog?  I’ve gone “dot com” and I love it!  My new address (for my blog, not my home) is  I am officially a legit website.  (Okay, I’m not totally legit, as I’m still a complete disaster.  I’m now just a disaster with an official website.)

Fortunately, I have a friend from high school who is super talented and agreed to do the work on my blog to make it professional.  She graciously agreed to do the work in exchange for a promise of dinner, a thank you note, and some expired Hardee’s coupons.

Don’t tell her they’re expired.  I didn’t reveal that piece of information when we bartered.

Prior to her takeover, my blog looked like something my 8 year old cousin made (which is really just a slap in the face to him more than to my blog).  At least now its got some pizzaz and it’s totally my style.

Peppa (not her real name), knows me quite well, and knew exactly how to make this new site encapsulate me perfectly.  (I took care of the fart smell and poor reading choices all on my own.)

So what does this mean for you, the reader?  Well, it means you will have a more pleasurable viewing experience when perusing my blog.  You’re welcome.  That’s really the only change.

If you continue to go to my blogspot or previous address, you will automatically be rerouted to the new address.  You can then spend your energy reading my blog, judging me for my ridiculousness, and laughing at how insane I really am.  Really, my blog is just a way for you to feel better about your life.

Once again, you’re welcome.

So enjoy the new site and please send my friend Peppa some love by visiting her site as well as  She’s a working mom of two who is hilarious and always has a funny story to share.

I also got help from Julie at  Show her some love too, as she had to deal with me during this process.  She totally deserves hazard pay.

Happy reading.  Now go share my blog with everyone you know.  Seriously.  Now.  Do it.

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  1. LOVE IT! 😉

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