Last night my husband and I attended a Fry-Day the Thirteenth party.  This wasn’t a typical Friday the 13th party, for starters, because the party was on Saturday the 13th.

There were no scary costumes or horror movies shown, and no one jumped out of dark places to scare anyone, although a game of hide and seek did get a bit out of hand.

I also got a little frightened when I saw the level of  vodka getting dangerously low, but that was quickly rectified with a quick trip home for more.

009As you know, we have an amazingly fabulous friend, St. Frick (not his real name), who lives an amazing life with his amazing friends.  We’ve met several of his friends, and for some reason, they like us, or they at least pretend to.

Matt seems to think it has something to do with my low cut tops, but we don’t really know.  So I continue to wear revealing clothes and we go with it.

Some of St. Frick’s closest friends and most fabulous, are the Pepperwomens (not their real names).  They are an adorable married couple who are so much fun to be around.

The Pepperwomens recently purchased a double frier, and decided to christen it with a party to celebrate all things fried.

Naturally, they invited us, as one look at my double chin lets anyone know I’m a girl who likes fried food.

We were ecstatic to get the coveted invitation to the Fry Day party, as not just anyone gets invited to the Pepperwomen’s parties.  At least that’s what we told ourselves.

007I decided to wear one of my new Liz Lange maternity dresses to the party to allow for maximum eating and minimum discomfort. It also was booby, so that was an added bonus.

We followed the smell of boiling grease and headed to The Pepperwomen’s for a night of artery clogging good times.  As we approached, I could actually feel my cholesterol levels rising and my waist expanding.

We arrived, said our hellos, made ourselves a drink and settled in to observe the frying in action.  Although I’m a fan of fried food, I’ve never actually fried anything, nor have I observed things being fried, so this was an exciting time for me.

It was kind of like watching laws be made in Congress, or Heidi Montag’s face be constructed by plastic surgeons (only the result in this case wasn’t nauseating).

The Fry-Day the Thirteenth invitation encouraged us to bring anything we wanted to fry, so people were frying lots of different foods.  From toasted ravioli to spinach, the fryer was at full speed, creating delicious foods that most definitely would result in heartburn for all involved.

008Mr. Pepperwomen was hard at work at the fryer, timing the food to ensure maximum crispiness.

He rivaled any 16 year old zit faced boy working the frier at a local fast food joint, only he didn’t have a math test on Monday or a closet full of stolen Victoria’s Secret magazines (or at least I hope he didn’t).

Now I’m no stranger to fried foods, and I’ve had fried mushrooms and fried fish, but I have never had fried spinach, so I was excited to try it.  Let me tell you, it did not let me down.

Who knew vegetables could be so good when dropped in boiling grease and smothered in Parmesan cheese?  If this was used in salads, I think I would eat a lot more of them.  Delicious!

As I stuffed my face with fried spinach and chased it with sweet potato fries, I observed the other guests at the party and noticed one thing (aside from the fact that all of them were amazing and worldly)….they were all thin.  What?!

How were a bunch of thin people at a party where the main courses were fried?  I was shocked.  Not that I was expecting the guests to look like contestants of The Biggest Loser, but I expected at least one or two of them to look like they may get winded from walking up a flight of stairs (aside from myself of course).

I was disappointed but then realized the thin people probably wouldn’t eat much, which would leave more food for me.  I quickly forgave them for their toned arms.

The night was so much fun, and we left with full bellies and indigestion.  The only thing I would have changed had it been my party, is I would have passed out complimentary Tums as party gifts.

All in all it was a good night, and I’m pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds that I will wear with pride.  And I’ve never been so grateful for Liz Lange and her maternity dresses!!!

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